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The secrets of symmetry

April 21, 2015

You know a room works when the space has achieved symmetry.  Symmetry is just a fancy word for balanced. Simply put, a symmetrical room features visual weight in appealing manner.  The space is not chaotic, or busy.  Designers place each piece strategically with an overall symmetrical plan in mind. To understand how to achieve balance […]

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Color Crush

Friday Crush: Yellow Makes Me Happy

April 3, 2015

Yellow is a very cheery color.  It is said to spark original thought and inquisitiveness.  As the brightest color on the spectrum, yellow is seen much more readily. It is used for cross walks, street dividers and even the school bus, so it is more visible to others. Yellow used in the home can bring […]

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Coastal Cottage Decor

April 2, 2015

Coastal cottage décor draws from vintage and nautical finds and can take time to create, but the effort is well worth it to design a truly considered home.  It evokes a sense of the past in a casual, eclectic and charming manner that invites people to relax and enjoy.  There are a few key characteristics […]

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