Color Crush

Friday Crush: Yellow Makes Me Happy

Yellow is a very cheery color.  It is said to spark original thought and inquisitiveness.  As the brightest color on the spectrum, yellow is seen much more readily. It is used for cross walks, street dividers and even the school bus, so it is more visible to others.

Yellow used in the home can bring about cheerfulness, inspire the intellect, and provide a space with warmth and energy.  In small doses it can bring a happy disposition to a room, if a full scale onslaught of yellow is not your liking.

yellow accessories

yellow mood board via Olioboard


It’s a great gender-neutral color for a nursery.  Bright, vibrant and creative, what more could you want for your child’s room?  It is a shot of happiness every child ought to be bathed in.

OB-yellow nursery


Yellow is great mixed with navy, white, gray or even green.

OB-yellow color schemes

These are just some of the reasons I am crushin on yellow this week.

Color of the year- Pantone’s Marsala

Late last fall Pantone announced their color of the year. They opted for a muted maroon shade called Marsala. I haven’t weighed in on the new color of the year yet, probably because I don’t particularly care for it. Marsala is dark, dank and too “mature” for today’s interiors in my opinion. It’s not quite red, but not exactly brown. It’s a bit of a muddied mix of the two.
I don’t think it’s a very attractive color. It’s dirty, flat and oppressive. It screams 1990’s bad design choices. Other designers are calling it a myriad of bad names too. One even said it looked like dried blood. Yikes! Thankfully, I am not alone in my dislike for this color of the year. The design community has revolted against it too.
Honestly, I have no idea what Pantone peeps were thinking. It’s described as a hearty earthy color that is dramatic and yet grounding. It’s being touted as a versatile color with an appeal for both men and women. ” An earthy shade with a bit of sophistication…”  Well, if they say so.
I hardly see it catching on with interior designers. It may have a place in fashion and accessories, but I don’t see it having a life within a space. Perhaps its well suited to a monastery or the walls of wine cellar. It may have its place in masculine studies and on the runways of Milan, but I don’t see it taking off the way Tangerine Tango or Emerald green did a few years back.
It certainly would not be my first choice for any color scheme. I could see using it as an accent color, but certainly not a prominent color.  Some decorators and designers have used it as a lead color in a space. They make it work somehow. Those that have tended to utilize the color have done so in older more traditional spaces with ornate wood work. It won’t work well in a modern, contemporary space with high ceilings and an abundance of natural light.
This is the first year I have not agreed with a color choice. From Tangerine Tango, to Emerald Green and Radiant Orchid, their previous choices have been bright, modern and delightful. Marsala is just drab and uninspired. It takes me back in time to an era of bad decisions and fugly colors. What’s next, avocado green appliances? Say it ain’t so.
As one who adores color and believes every color in the box of crayons ought to be used, this is one color I would sadly leave in its place.  What do you think of marsala? Is it a yay or nay?


Pink decor is my latest obsession…

Using color, other than neutrals, in your decorating enlivens a space and keeps it from feeling flat or uninspired. Lately, I have developed an obsession with the color pink. It graces my closet, and my decor.  Let’s look at ways to bring pink decor into your home.

Pink decor is my latest obsession… pink it’s not even a question….

(thank you Steven Tyler)

Is there anything more cheerful than the color pink in your decor? Pink decor is the epitome of femininity. It can be bold,  demure, vibrant or subtle. It pairs well with just about any color, particularly greens, blues and grays. It can be the primary color in  your decorating scheme, or it can be used in small doses.  Go bold with an accent wall painted in a bright yet subtle rose pink, or pair a soft baby pink with a soft gray.  For a preppy garden vibe mix a magenta pink with green and white.


PicMonkey Collage_pink_decor

Pair pale pink with crisp whites, and round out the look with antique crystal chandeliers and mirrors for a simply gorgeous feminine room. It creates a sublime shabby chic look, doesn’t it?



Pink, it’s my favorite crayon….

If a room decorated predominately in pink is not your cup of tea but you still want to use it as accent there are many ways to incorporate it into a room.  Pink decor accents can be found in a wide range of shades and in just about anything, from pillows and blankets to chairs and ottomans, even in fine china and decorative boxes.  A simple way to bring a splash of color into any space is to pick up a bouquet of pink flowers and pop them into a gorgeous vase or other decorative container.


While Kevin appreciates color he doesn’t need to live in an overly feminine environment.  In our home pink is an accent I use whenever I can. Whether it’s my instance on having pink carnations dotting our home or opting to use the color as an accent on the mantel, pink is still part of my daily life.  As soon as I am able to convert the spare bedroom to my office/craft space I will of course be focusing on pink decor as I want the space to reflect my inner girly girl. If I could redo the whole house draped in pink I would in a heart beat, but I am happily married and would like to stay that way.


Using your favorite color in your home is a reflection of your personality, so even if pink decor is not your latest obsession, pepper your favorite color through out your home using these same tips.  How would you use a favorite color in your home?

Spring Color Trends 2014

The one thing I have noticed recently is an explosion of color.  Beige is so yesterday and bright, vibrant colors are now. Whether it is Radiant Orchid, Kelly Green or Cobalt Blue bringing color into your home is very on trend.  Now, not everyone loves a wild collection of color, but even picking one or two will liven up a neutral palette.

Pantone’s Spring Color Forecast includes 10 fabulous colors, any of which would be amazing. They can even be mixed and matched for a true colorful experience.



One of my favorite color combinations is Kelly green and Cobalt Blue.  Usually I pair Kelly Green with Navy, as they are a quintessential preppy combo, but the more vibrant cobalt or dazzling  blue modernizes the combination.  Mix in a few amazing geometric patterns, balance it all with a crisp white and any room will pop.

OB_green and blue color palette_2

It’s great to see orange is still on the scene. Celosia Orange is a a little less in your face than Tangerine Tango was but is still a delightful color.  I love the idea of pairing it with Paloma. It’s a soft shade of gray with a tinge of blue.

OB-orange and gray


And of course, Radiant Orchid is all the rage. It’s been declared the color of the year. While I am not a big fan of shades of purple, I can appreciate Radiant Orchid in small doses.



Are there any colors you love to use in your decor?


Color Trends to Watch: Acai

Acai- a South American palm tree that produces a blackish-purple berry. Or one of Pantone’s Fall 2013’s color trends to watch.  It’s a deep dark rich purple with a tinge of blue and a dash of black.


Now, normally I am not a fan of purple. I usually find it too obnoxious.  It may be that I was once told, probably as a child or impressionable tween,  that preppies did not wear purple.  Whether it is true or not remains to be proven, but  Acai is growing on me.


Unlike some purples, Acai is not bright. It has a depth of color that makes it more appealing.  It doesn’t shout but rather whispers quietly letting you know it’s there.  As an accent it’s a burst of  bold color without being over powering.  My style would incorporate accents of Acai rather than use it as a prominent color.

Royal, majestic and mysterious, Acai offers a flair for the dramatic when used as a prominent color. Paired with metallic accents it’s a quintessential look of luxury. Mix in  patterns and textures for elegant finishing touches.

Not only will Acai be trending for interior colors, but look for it on the runways too.   Where fashion goes, interiors are never far behind.
 (image courtesy of polyvore)
Whether you call it Acai, Wisteria, Eggplant, Aubergine or Byzantium it’s still purple.  What are your thoughts on it?