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DIY: Cute and Affordable Desk Accessories

My desk is prone to collecting clutter.  I end up with piles of mail, stacks of notebooks and stashes of  shelter mags strewn about my desk.  I knew the one way to keep things neat and orderly would be to use pretty organizational bins and boxes.  I started searching for cute affordable desk accessories to corral mail and other papers that tend to become clutter. There are a lot of options out there, but I hadn’t found anything I loved at a price I was willing to pay.  Then, last week I was walking into Target and I  stumbled upon a few plastic bins in the dollar section.  They were almost perfect.

plastic bin prepped for spray paint

Upon first look, they weren’t anything to write home about. The black and gray plastic lacked personality and charm, but they had a fabulous open weave pattern to them.   Knowing I had a selection of spray paint colors to choose from already, the decision to spend $2.00 on the bins required no thought. After all,  a fresh coat of a brighter color would easily  give them instant charm and appeal.

When I got home I grabbed the gold metallic spray paint, the black bin and a few pieces of news paper.  I headed to the back yard where I applied two coats of  paint to insure full coverage.  In an afternoon I created two amazing pieces to hold incoming mail and bills to be paid. The other I am using to keep my planner and a few notebooks together.

Inexpensive plastic bins painted gold


I took the bins from drab to fab for very little money.   Having these two beautiful pieces to help tame the clutter inspires me to keep my desk neat and orderly.

Next time you are wandering through the dollar section, consider what items you can take from drap to fab with a can of paint.

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