Personalizing the cube farm…

I was reading an article the other day about how to personalize your cubical to impress your boss and co-workers.  We decorate our home offices to reflect our personalities, so why not carry a little bit of who we are into the cube farm.


It’s thought that we tend to be more productive when we can express who we are. Having things around us that we enjoy does make us feel more connected to our space. When we spend up to eight hours a day in the illustrious cube  we should feel more connected to the space.  It wouldn’t be too difficult to take it a bit too far either.  So consider these tips as you set out to make your office space more palatable for a long day at work.

When setting up your desk, keep it to roughly seven personalized items.  These can be a picture of the family, a treasured coffee cup, or a colorful desk organizer.  Kevin keeps a white board at his desk and every morning he writes a witty thoughtful quote, joke or question. It has brought people from around his building to see it each morning. It definitely shows off his sense of humor and work ethic.


Keep your desk clean, organized and relatively clutter free.  It makes finding items easier and keeps you on top of projects.  Find a filing system that works for you and lets you reduce the piles of paper.  One option I have used is the “save” or “trash” approach.  As papers hit my desk, I either save it, or trash it. I then file the save papers appropriately I also apply this process to our mail.

Of course, I prefer pretty things on my desk both at home and at the cubical oasis.  My favorite place to find office supplies is See Jane Work.  They have a wide selection that encompasses all tastes and styles.  I tend to favor feminine pieces and sometimes will lean toward more utilitarian items.