10 Coffee Tables to Consider

September 23, 2014


Selecting the perfect coffee table involves a bit of preference and a little forethought.  Coffee tables are the central part of a room, as they tend to be front and center in a space. Even still, they are the generally the last piece of furniture to be purchased.  The options seem endless and often time overwhelming even to the most seasoned of decorators.  The good news is there are a few tips to making the process less of a headache and more of a joy. The first step is to consider your style, the function of the space, and the needs of the room.  Here is a list of my ten favorite coffee tables, or at least my current favorites until the wind changes.

The first coffee table is perfect for a small space with small children and a contemporary style. I love the shape and the available lower shelf for a display.

I adore the idea of an over-sized ottoman doing double duty as a coffee table. It’s great for extra seating, or resting your feet.  Top it off with a large tray and you have the perfect spot to set down a glass or a dessert plate.

Antique reproductions are like art to me. What better art to grace your formal living room with than this gorgeous English coffee table.

The industrial side of me leans towards the sleekness of the chrome and glass in my third choice.  It works in a modern, contemporary and eclectically decorated living room.  But my fourth choice, is amazing with it’s barely there appearance. Whether it’s glass or Lucite, the see through appeal of these materials does wonders for visually lightening a room. They are perfect in small spaces.

Nesting tables? What can one say about them? I love how they can be separated for use throughout a room, or brought together for an interesting visual. The varied heights add to their stylistic draw.

Wouldn’t this tree trunk table be great in the boys den? It’s nod to nature is what appeals to me. It’s rustic, masculine and whimsical. I am fond of using pieces that start conversations, and this piece certainly would lend its self to a convo starter.

Need a little extra texture in your room? The Tinsely will help with that. Its woven rattan offers both tactile and visual textural elements. I’m thinking it would be ideal at a beach house or a cozy cottage.

The Pebble is perhaps the most unusual, and the most artistic.  I see it gracing an industrial loft, perhaps sitting alone in a corner. Its pure art, never mind having another function to serve. Maybe it needs to be along side a comfy well made futon or bean bag chair. (yes, I went there)

If unusual lines and modern leanings are sought, then the Risom Amoeba ought to fit the bill. I’m drawn to its free form shape that screams modernity.


  1. My coffee table is similar to your #2. Its a large ottoman with a tray. But I love #7! I like the organic shape and natural feeling of the tree trunk.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Dropping by from D-Crew. I too love the nesting tables but I’m really intrigued by the Elka glass coffee table from One King’s Lane. The price is fabulous! If it were lucite (since I have young kiddos) I would snap it up.

    Great post. Love your blog design!

  3. These really are fabulous tables….I love the range from modern to traditional. If I have to choose favorites I love the pebble table but am also in love with the English coffee table…I’ve never seen that style with low legs and used as a coffee table –how awesome is that?

    1. Hi Janene- Thank you for stopping by. I have eclectic tastes, so I am naturally drawn to a range of styles. I would have to agree the English coffee table is pretty awesome.

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I love your blog header. Did you make it yourself? My favorite table is the nesting tables. I think what I like is the mix of wood and metal on those. Thanks for a great post. I like your writing style.

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