An Inspiring Love Affair With The Wreath

November 6, 2012

Can I tell you about my love affair with wreaths?  I adore how they dress up a door and add character to a house.  Wreaths aren’t just for your front door.  This time of year festive wreaths can adorn a wall or perhaps the back of chairs. They can add elegance to your mantel or provide an unexpected pop hanging from a door handle.  The options are limited only by your imagination.  Here are a few ideas to inspire.

On the back of a chair……. 

This delicate wreath hung with a red and white checkerboard ribbon is perfect for that spring tea with friends.  Use a larger wreath in holiday greenery and  tie it with a wider satin or velvet ribbon and you have quite the dressed up chair.

via Paisley Passions

Elegantly Framed……

Framing a wreath really does create a work of art.  I love the texture and visual appeal of using a fancy frame while pairing it with the more casual use of grosgrain ribbon and rick rack ribbon.  As an alternative try a plain frame with a more ornate wreath or pair a grape vine wreath with a visually heavier frame.

Who says a wreath has to be round…..

Think out side the box and go for a square wreath. It’s unexpected and has quite an angular appeal. Other shapes to think about, your initial.  How welcoming would it be to “monogram” your front door for the holidays?

via A Life Designed

Or made from greenery……

Every year I tell myself I will finally make a wreath made with sparkly glass ornament balls. The best thing about this wreath is that you can make it out of any color scheme; match it to your holiday decor or draw from your year round colors.   It’s a beautiful option to the usual green pine wreaths.  In a southern climate, it’s a little weird to have a pine wreath gracing the front door, don’t you think?

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