Book review: How to Fix Absolutely Anything

When I graduated from college, my parents bought me a toolbox and all the basic tools I could ever need for small household repairs. I often joke that when Kevin and I moved into together I was the one to bring the tools.  I am very comfortable trying to figure out how to fix things. I enjoy the challenge, oddly enough.


Kevin on the other hand lives for Youtube videos. He often consults its vast library for various household repairs, like fixing a running toilet or replacing an electrical outlet. I on the other hand will just dive in and figure it out.  Now, granted his way saves on frustration but my way can be more fun. Ok, maybe not.



So, imagine when I had the chance to review the new book “How to Fix Absolutely Anything” .  It’s a book put together by Nicole Smith and is a compilation of household repairs contributed by homeowners for other homeowners. The book is over 300 hundred pages long and covers everything from how to fix your car radiator to making an armchair from a coffee table.  It’s not a book I would necessarily purchase, but it was worth flipping through to see what challenges they tackled. I got a good laugh out of some of the projects. My favorites include to how to fix your totaled car for a fraction of the estimate and how to fix a cassette tape, as if anyone can even buy a cassette today.


If you want to check out some of the projects, take a cruise around There are some very helpful tips featured too, like how to remove soap scum using PAM cooking spray.

* the book was provided for my review

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