Women's Golf Day Innisbrook 2019

Women’s Golf Day 2019 at Innisbrook Golf Resort

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Women’s Golf Day event held by Innisbrook Golf Resort, a Salamander Golf & Spa Resort in Palm Harbor, Fl. It was a fabulous event designed to introduce more women to the game of golf.

Women's Golf Day 2019

Women’s Golf Day started up about four years ago as a means to introduce young girls, and women to the game as well as invite women that already play to come out for an afternoon of golf clinics, product demos, 9 holes of play or chip & putt events. The annual four hour event spans 43 countries and has over 20 million participants. Participating locations must meet a certain criteria in order to qualify to host an event. The two that stood out to me as noteworthy were that the event had to have 2 hours of golf and 2 hours of socializing or networking. The other was that the venue had to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and provide promotion of the Foundation at the event.

Women's Golf Day Innisbrook Resort

Innisbrook Golf Resort graciously hosted approximately 100 women to an afternoon of golf clinics where participants were taught how best to hold a club, the right posture and proper form for hitting the ball. They set up on the driving range and let us all have a go with either a driver or an iron. Golf on the range was followed up with spa treatments from their Salamander Spa and delicious food with an open bar. Yes, they provided us with an open bar. Gotta love the 19th hole.

We are very fortunate to have such a world class resort so close by. Each March Innisbrook hosts the Valspar PGA Tournament and through out the year the host events open to the public like their 4th of July celebration complete with fireworks. It was a real treat to attend their Women’s Golf Day event.

Women's Day Innisbrook Resort food

I own a set of clubs but haven’t played in a very long time. I wasn’t even sure if I knew how to hold a club. It turns out it’s almost like riding a bike and I picked up my grip right where I left it, so to speak. After a couple of swings and more than a few misses, I was able to drive the ball a bit of a distance with a little lift too. As I was sitting there waiting for a friend to take her turn I texted Kevin to ask if we could hit the driving range more often. Playing 9 holes would be a lot of fun and somewhat cost prohibitive at the moment for us, but a bucket of balls is a cheap way to swing a club and get out there to practice.

Women's Golf Day Practice Range

Innisbrook sent us all home with a gift bag of goodies including a coupon for an additional 1/2 hour golf lesson when booking a full hour with one of their amazing Golf Pro’s. I’m hoping to be able to make use of it later this summer. It’ll give me a good excuse to break out my clubs.

If you’d like to participate next year you can find a location near you hosting an event next June by checking the list of locations on the Women’s Golf Day website. I’ll see you on the links.

Friday Favorites

Hi there! I’m back with a few of my favorite things on this fine Friday. Can you believe we’ve made it to Friday? Yay! I wish I could say I was doing amazing things this weekend, but alas, I’m working. It’s not all bad, I’m hostessing at an amazing model home this weekend. I do love elements of my job.

Without further adieu, I’m introducing a new feature here on Fridays. I’m calling it Friday Favorites, it’s a twist on my very old Friday Finds that every blogger is doing these days. Don’t get me wrong, but if we are all doing it, how does one post stand out over another?

Friday Favorites

First up, it seems everyone has discovered Chair Whimsy. I’m seeing her colorful amazing chairs popping up all over instagram and Facebook. I gotta say I love her style. She uses an array of color and pattern that takes a regular vintage chair and makes it something more interesting. Her chairs become the focal point in a room. You know the DIY’er in me is scheming to figure out how to create a similar look with chairs of my own. (photo credit)

I’m also crushing on these gorgeous blooms I spotted prior to a wedding being set up. They are so beautiful aren’t they? I want to hit the local florist and load up on bright pink roses for the house.

We stopped in at the art museum last week to check out a few of the exhibits and I stumbled across the event crew setting up this incredible lighting structure with a dance floor to be put in underneath it. I didn’t get to tick around to see the completed display but I imagine it was simply magical. They were hanging edison bulbs from a scaffolding over head and draped random bulbs with bright colorful cloth lanterns. How delightful would that be to dance under for your first dance as husband and wife?

On a recent trip to HomeGoods I found this navy pillow with the ever classic Greek Key motif adorning it. It’s perfect for my guest bedroom and I’m kicking myself for not picking it up. Perhaps, I’m talented enough to make it. Of course I am.

As the temperatures begin to rise it occurs to me that it’s almost time for my favorite spring and summer cocktail, the classic G&T. I discovered Fever Tree’s Elderflower tonic water last year and it’s now the only tonic water I’ll use with my Gin & Tonic. Kevin always kids me that it’s an old persons drink. So what? One can not go wrong with a classic drink when summer arrives.

Is it so bad that I’m loving these rich vibrant colors from Essie this season? I’m sure they are not from this year’s spring collection, but some times you need to buck the trend and enjoy what ever it is you love. Being trendy is so not Wendy.

Our Weekend Adventures – Sugar Sand Festival

The fact that there are so many things to do the Tampa Bay area is what makes living here so wonderful.  Any given weekend we can find a host of activities and festivals to attend. This past weekend alone there was a Blueberry Festival, the Mainsail Art Show, the Sugar Sand Festival, a handful of concerts to pick from, flea markets and farmers markets galore.  We had so many options, it was a bit tough to decide what to do.  We opted for the Sugar Sand Festival and a concert.

Sugar Sand Festival

We feel so blessed to live near Clearwater Beach. When we first moved down many years ago, we often went to the beach to watch sunset. Over the years, we’ve watched as the beach transformed from old Florida mom & pop motels to first class resorts and national chain hotels.  While the changes bring in more tourists, they also bring in first class events like the Sugar Sand Festival.

Sugar Sand Festival

Saturday we ventured down to the beach to take it all in. The Sugar Sand Festival features 21,000 square feet of sand sculpture all housed under a tent.  Sand Sculpture artists come from around the country to show off their skills and trust me their skills are mad!  We walked through twice and I still don’t think I took it all in.

Sunday found us venturing into the Channel Side district of Tampa to attend Neil Diamond’s 50th Anniversary Tour. He’s getting up in age, but still sounds as amazing has he did twenty years ago. His library of work is so vast that it was impossible to recall all of his top hits. Of course, being a Red Sox fan, singing along to Sweet Caroline was the highlight of the evening.

This next weekend may find us sticking a little closer to home to tackle a home project or two.


Friday Finds – Four Unique Finds

Happy Friday!  This week’s Friday Finds features a few cool things I’ve encountered this week.

First up is an incredible journal that is sure to boost productivity, positivity and gratitude. It’s called “The Five Minute Journal”. It let’s you note your daily affirmations, daily gratitude and things that will make your day a smashing success. I think it’s a little better than a regular planner as it’s not really a “to-do list” or a schedule. It forces you to look at ways to focus on your higher self. For me, it’s a fabulous tool as I set out to manifest huge accomplishments this year.

On a walk through of Marshall’s this week looking for a cake plate I need for a photo shoot I spotted this amazing cake plate by Madison and Mercer. A large silver platter sits atop three elephant figurines, making it an amazing convo piece if I’ve ever seen one. Of course, I think it’s begging to be the center piece of my next cocktail party.

I found these beautiful pens at Paper Source. Aren’t they perfect for the home office?  I was thinking they would be great additions to stylized photo shoots too.

Then, my love for artisan jewelry led me to spot this gem from Sundance Catalog. I love the pearls and silver heart. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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Unveiling of the RH Tampa Gallery

A week or two ago I had the opportunity to attend the unveiling party of the new RH Tampa Gallery. The party was amazing, with hand passed appetizers, a wine bar, Peach Bellinis, and a vintage candy bar. They brought in a great Indi band, Larkin Poe to perform and had a DJ spinning tunes on another floor. Ok, I was impressed with the party, but honestly, I was more impressed with the new 60,000 square foot gallery. OMG…. swoon worthy, inspiration and gorgeous layouts forever.

2011-03-29 02.57.12

As you approach the space you’ll notice the big iron gates framing a courtyard in front of the main entrance. You’re greeted by a very open space with a furniture staged as welcoming living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Throughout the first floor they feature what they refer to as Restoration Hardware classic, or their standard transitional collection. Just opposite the entry is a grand staircase that takes you up through the three other floors, where you will see RH Modern, RH Baby & Child, RH Teen and then RH Outdoors. It’s amazing


The next day I was invited to attend the ribbon cutting and a press round table with their CEO. I had to laugh when their CEO, Gary Friedman, was relating the story of having contractors rip down a ceiling to move a light fixture a mere six inches. Most the crowd seemed to think it was overkill, but when it comes to impeccable design perfection is everything. If a fixture needs to be moved, it needs to be moved. Everything was in place and stunning to look at.

2011-03-29 02.56.41

I didn’t realize that they have 92 different leathers, and over 100 different fabrics. All of it was on display in their new Design Ateliers. Their design service is free, and you can bring your own designer, or work with one of theirs. It struck me though, that their colors all seem to coordinate with each other, as if their overall available scheme is limited to a few neutrals and not a lot of pops of color. RH_leathers

None of their stock is cash and carry. Each piece, from curtains to bedding to small accessories are ordered and shipped to you from the store. For me, if I buy towels I want to walk out of the store with them. Furniture, I understand has to be shipped. It’s a bit bulky unless it’s flat packed like Ikea, but then if that’s what you are looking for you won’t be at RH for it.

The grand staircase is breathtaking. As you stand on the first floor and look up, you’ll notice 23 identical chandeliers hung from the fourth floor down. It’s a sight to see. I tried to capture it, it just doesn’t do it justice though. It’s unfortunately a little blurry. It may have been the three glasses of wine I had before I realized the magnificent touch the chandeliers offer.


It was quite the experience.  RH Tampa is a great new gem for the city and surrounding areas. It’s nice to know with the housing market rebounding there will be a lot opportunity for RH.  I am sure I will be back there for a dose or two of inspiration…..