About Town

Saturday adventures….

I had the pleasure of  hanging out with a dear friend today.  The goal was to just have fun and if we found cool stuff while hitting the antique shops, thrift stores or any of the boutiques all the better.

We started off at one of my favorite thrift stores- The Homeless Emergency Project.  The proceeds go to serving the homeless population in Clearwater, a worthy cause to be sure.  It seems their donations of furniture come from an older population as it’s very dated, and not always in great condition. As with most thrift stores the selection is hit or miss.  Today was no different.  I did spot this wonderful bench, and toyed with the idea of redoing the seating and refreshing the look with new paint. In the end I nixed the idea, but may end up back there this week…..


From there it was off to lunch and wandering a few small town main streets.  If the day had been about shopping, it would have been a dismal failure, but our goal of just having fun was more than accomplished.

I was hoping to find a piece that would work as a bar or a fabulous entryway table.  Sadly, I had no luck.  But it was a great day!

On a recent to trip to HomeGoods…..

My nearest HomeGoods store is a bit of a trek. So yesterday I was thrilled to be running errands that would bring me close enough to stop by.  HomeGoods tends to source fabulous hard to find items are great prices. With that in mind I was fairly confident that I would find the silver picture frames I have been hunting for.

Sure enough I did.  I spotted three frames with different textural elements to them that keep the collection visually interesting.


While I was there, I thought I would see what else they had in store.

I can’t say I was surprised by this find. Elephants have been a popular motif for the past year or so and this one is probably the most unique one I have found. I love the use of burlap. It keeps it rustic and simple.


Next to it,  I spotted a horse decked out with string or yarn wrapped around it. The variation in color and folk art nature of the piece was pretty cool.  It would make a great statement piece in the right space.


Just to prove that last year’s color or the year was still here. I stumbled across this bold and colorful chair. The large orange floral print is amazing.  It would be fabulous in a monochromatic room in need of a punch of color.


So, what have you discovered at HomeGoods recently?

Our Four Legged Friend

Last week we had a rather big and unexpected guest take up residence in the field behind our house.  It appears someone abandoned a beautiful Great Dane.  She’s skiddish and not too crazy about humans, but those that feed her seem to be OK in her book.

It was Wednesday of last week when I decided that we needed to feed her.  As I carried her food to the field she must have seen me in the dark.  Out of the pitch blackness I heard a stern but friendly “woof”.  So every morning at 5 sharp I put out a plate of food for her and in a few short minutes she’s lumbering through the field toward our house and her morning meal.  The evenings are the same and we watch for her just as it gets dark.

Last night she scared the day lights out of me. I walked out to put her food down for her, and there she was just looking at me.  Her big face and those sad eyes just looking at me. It broke my heart. I wish we had a house big enough for a Great Dane, but our little house would be too cramped for her. Not to mention once that tail starts wagging nothing on the coffee table will survive.

This morning I put out her food and she did not show. I’m stressed just thinking about her and hoping she’s alright.  I am trying to get a rescue to come help with her, but they are not responsive.  Our county animal control peeps were out today looking for her.  They really are her worst option as they may deem her unfit for adoption and decide to put her down.  I couldn’t bare the thought of that.

We want a happy ending for this incredible creature, because  she deserves it.  I love how she sits in the tall grass behind the house and watches me as I cook on the grill or fiddle with her water bucket.  She’s a smart girl, that’s for sure.

How people can just dump a pet is beyond me. We haven’t adopted her, but she feels like our dog.  That, my friends, makes her a part of the family if just for a short while.

Note: It turns out her name is Haven and she escaped from her home about 10-15 miles from the north of us. She wandered to the neighborhood down the road, where a neighbor checked fidofinder.com for a clue about her. Her owner was contacted and she’s home now. Hopefully her owner will be more responsible.