Pink decor is my latest obsession…

Using color, other than neutrals, in your decorating enlivens a space and keeps it from feeling flat or uninspired. Lately, I have developed an obsession with the color pink. It graces my closet, and my decor.  Let’s look at ways to bring pink decor into your home.

Pink decor is my latest obsession… pink it’s not even a question….

(thank you Steven Tyler)

Is there anything more cheerful than the color pink in your decor? Pink decor is the epitome of femininity. It can be bold,  demure, vibrant or subtle. It pairs well with just about any color, particularly greens, blues and grays. It can be the primary color in  your decorating scheme, or it can be used in small doses.  Go bold with an accent wall painted in a bright yet subtle rose pink, or pair a soft baby pink with a soft gray.  For a preppy garden vibe mix a magenta pink with green and white.


PicMonkey Collage_pink_decor

Pair pale pink with crisp whites, and round out the look with antique crystal chandeliers and mirrors for a simply gorgeous feminine room. It creates a sublime shabby chic look, doesn’t it?

via ranzom.com

via ranzom.com

Pink, it’s my favorite crayon….

If a room decorated predominately in pink is not your cup of tea but you still want to use it as accent there are many ways to incorporate it into a room.  Pink decor accents can be found in a wide range of shades and in just about anything, from pillows and blankets to chairs and ottomans, even in fine china and decorative boxes.  A simple way to bring a splash of color into any space is to pick up a bouquet of pink flowers and pop them into a gorgeous vase or other decorative container.


While Kevin appreciates color he doesn’t need to live in an overly feminine environment.  In our home pink is an accent I use whenever I can. Whether it’s my instance on having pink carnations dotting our home or opting to use the color as an accent on the mantel, pink is still part of my daily life.  As soon as I am able to convert the spare bedroom to my office/craft space I will of course be focusing on pink decor as I want the space to reflect my inner girly girl. If I could redo the whole house draped in pink I would in a heart beat, but I am happily married and would like to stay that way.


Using your favorite color in your home is a reflection of your personality, so even if pink decor is not your latest obsession, pepper your favorite color through out your home using these same tips.  How would you use a favorite color in your home?

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was spent inside, avoiding torrential downpours of rain. The horrid weather system that caused flooding in the panhandle arrived in the Tampa bay area early Friday morning and finally cleared out yesterday. Thankfully, we were spared the storms Thursday evening to enjoy Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s concert over at the Tampa fairgrounds.

Bruce Springsteen Concert Tampa 2014

Bruce Springsteen Concert Tampa 2014


I have to say, for our 8th show it was amazing! The set list was one surprise after another and I was actually sad it was over. Then as we were walking to the car, we spotted NHL hockey players, PC Labrie and Teddy Purcell hanging out by their limo. If we hadn’t been in a hurry to avoid the rush we may have stopped for a photo op rather than just wave and yell to them as we were hurrying past.

Target's Devine Color paint aisle

Target’s Devine Color paint aisle

I did find a little time to play with a shade of gray in our bathroom. I discovered a new line of paint at Target, it’s their devine color line. I picked up a sample of Devine Mirage. Honestly, there’s nothing remarkable about it. It’s a decent neutral gray, not too dark, not too light and rather similar to Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. The Devine color line comes in 8oz samples and 1 quart containers and at $29.99 for a quart, it’s rather pricey. It would be great for accent pieces but to do an entire room would be expensive.  If you find a color you like you can always take it to Home Depot or Lowes and have them color match it, for a lot less money.

Of course, the highlight of my weekend was waking up to find water under our refrigerator Sunday morning. We pulled out the refrigerator and cleaned up the mess. Two loads of laundry later,  I took apart the bottom to find the leak. As handy as I consider myself, this turned out to be a job for the repairman. So, I am waiting for him to arrive to fix the problem.

And that folks was life at the our house this weekend……

Weekend in review….

Last week we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and opted to go to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant on Saturday. It happens to be tucked into a small space at the nearby outdoor mall and it was a gorgeous day to walk around too.

We were seated by a beautiful  fireplace…..


I enjoyed my favorite avocado and artichoke enchilada with a wonderful jicama salad. I had already dove into the salad before I remembered to snap a photo.


After lunch we wandered through the bookstore and then went onto Williams & Sonoma where Kevin picked up a Chinois for making sauces and I found a fabulous basket for the dining table.



On my agenda for the afternoon was to pick up a gold chunky necklace to wear with white t-shirts this summer.  So, after Williams & Sonoma it was off to Charming Charlie’s.  I found the necklace and spotted a super cute bracelet that Kevin encouraged me to get too.


Since we don’t have children or family in the area our Easter was very low-key.  We spent most of the afternoon watching playoff hockey.  Then tossed a Boston Butt onto the Weber Grill and made up a few French Fries.

While our Easter weekend may seem less than eventful to some, to us we just enjoy time spent together.  It’s important to be married to your best friend.

Friday Finds: Chairs….

There is just something about the right chair in a space.  Whether it’s an oversized cushiony chair or a sleek modern accent chair, the perfect chair can make a fabulous statement.  This week’s Friday Finds features my five favorite chairs.

ghost chair

I simply love the idea of the Ghost Chair, designed by Philippe Starck.  It’s a piece of art for your home. Sleek and translucent, the chair seems to float in a space giving it the illusion of not being there. Visually, it’s light weight making it perfect in a small dining room or as a chair for a vanity.


Parson chairs…. What can be said about the simplistic lines and angular profile?  The Parson’s Chair is a great choice for side chairs, extra seating in a living room or even as a desk chair in a cozy home office.  The material used to cover this chair, designed by Loni M Designs  makes the chair stand out.  I love the pattern and mix of colors she used.


Kelly Swallow, a London based bespoke designer has a fabulous line of patchwork chairs, ottomans and couches.  She rescues classic styles and reupholsters each of them in amazing fabrics. Most of the time, she chooses bright patterns and colors.  It would be a wonderful challenge to design an entire room around one of her patchwork chairs or couches.


I spotted chairs similar to this one at the Oxford Exchange and fell in love. It’s the Noir Ribcage Fabric Balloon Chair.  It’s perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine or even that morning latte. I adore the unusual lines, although it would not be ideal in most design styles.  Being a little eclectic I would scoop up a pair of these and place them right by my fireplace…


Mid-century modern design has been making a huge come back as many people gravitate toward a vintage look for their homes.  The Barcelona chair is a classic that doesn’t seem to have faded into the background.  Its lines are clean and welcoming. It pairs perfectly with a modern couch or even a more contemporary style.  I would pick it for a masculine den with a nod to the 1950’s.


Spring Color Trends 2014

The one thing I have noticed recently is an explosion of color.  Beige is so yesterday and bright, vibrant colors are now. Whether it is Radiant Orchid, Kelly Green or Cobalt Blue bringing color into your home is very on trend.  Now, not everyone loves a wild collection of color, but even picking one or two will liven up a neutral palette.

Pantone’s Spring Color Forecast includes 10 fabulous colors, any of which would be amazing. They can even be mixed and matched for a true colorful experience.



One of my favorite color combinations is Kelly green and Cobalt Blue.  Usually I pair Kelly Green with Navy, as they are a quintessential preppy combo, but the more vibrant cobalt or dazzling  blue modernizes the combination.  Mix in a few amazing geometric patterns, balance it all with a crisp white and any room will pop.

OB_green and blue color palette_2

It’s great to see orange is still on the scene. Celosia Orange is a a little less in your face than Tangerine Tango was but is still a delightful color.  I love the idea of pairing it with Paloma. It’s a soft shade of gray with a tinge of blue.

OB-orange and gray


And of course, Radiant Orchid is all the rage. It’s been declared the color of the year. While I am not a big fan of shades of purple, I can appreciate Radiant Orchid in small doses.



Are there any colors you love to use in your decor?