Friday Finds: Pumpkin Crafts

Halloween is just a few days away and pumpkins are everywhere.  Commonly used to decorate entry ways, tablescapes and mantles pumpkins are no longer left orange.  They are being decked out in polka dots, glitter, decoupage and painted.

The spider web pattern is cute on this one isn’t it?

Decoupage and some cool paper yields a romantic black and white pumpkin.

This argyle  pattern tugs at the heart strings of this preppy girl.

What’s a holiday without a little bling? Gold glitter dresses up these tiny pumpkins.

painted pumpkins

painted pumpkins

These were a fun project to do. I took craft pumpkin and painted it two coats of black. Once it was dry, I brushed a thin coat of silver over the black to give in some extra character.

What Halloween craft project will you work on this weekend?

Friday Finds: Reused, Recycled, and Repurposed

When you can take an item, whether it’s a chest of drawers or a an old oak barrel and turn it into something awesome, you save space at the local junk yard. Imagine if every item could be repurposed, how much more open space could we have? Ok, so maybe that’s wishful thinking, but a girl can dream right?

I discovered a few wonderful items that have been amazingly turned into useful new things….

1)  Oak Barrel turned into a beautiful vanity…


2) Repurposed Grates……



3) Tables turned into Shelving….



4) Wood Animal Sculpture… wood-animals-by-marc-sparfel-gessato-gblog-15) Bicycle turned into a whimsical vanity….. 


Color Trends to Watch: Acai

Acai- a South American palm tree that produces a blackish-purple berry. Or one of Pantone’s Fall 2013’s color trends to watch.  It’s a deep dark rich purple with a tinge of blue and a dash of black.


Now, normally I am not a fan of purple. I usually find it too obnoxious.  It may be that I was once told, probably as a child or impressionable tween,  that preppies did not wear purple.  Whether it is true or not remains to be proven, but  Acai is growing on me.


Unlike some purples, Acai is not bright. It has a depth of color that makes it more appealing.  It doesn’t shout but rather whispers quietly letting you know it’s there.  As an accent it’s a burst of  bold color without being over powering.  My style would incorporate accents of Acai rather than use it as a prominent color.

Royal, majestic and mysterious, Acai offers a flair for the dramatic when used as a prominent color. Paired with metallic accents it’s a quintessential look of luxury. Mix in  patterns and textures for elegant finishing touches.

Not only will Acai be trending for interior colors, but look for it on the runways too.   Where fashion goes, interiors are never far behind.
 (image courtesy of polyvore)
Whether you call it Acai, Wisteria, Eggplant, Aubergine or Byzantium it’s still purple.  What are your thoughts on it?

Friday Finds: Favorite Fall Accents

Fall is my favorite season, but living in Florida I miss out on the best the season has to offer.  There are no fallen leaves, no crisp cool mornings, no scent of fresh apples or wood burning stoves. Thankfully, the feel of Fall can be created just about anywhere, even in Florida.

This week’s five for Friday focuses on favorite Fall accents for the home are:

1) Pumpkin Spice scented candles

via wayfair.com

via wayfair.com

2) Wool blankets in Fall colors


3) Fall Wreaths


4) Mums……


5) Fall accents…


Friday Finds: Five Favorite Table Lamps

Shopping for lighting is almost as much fun as walking into Tiffany’s. There are so many gorgeous fixtures to pick from. It can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. Somehow I have managed to whittle a collection of table lamps down to five that have caught my eye.

A long standing style that seems to be a must in any preppy home is the Ginger Jar. It comes in a wide selection of sizes and colors. Still, when I think of the classic ginger jar table lamp, it the blue and white pattered ones that come to mind. It’s a traditional style that offers a crisp, clean and refreshing look.


Add texture and interest with this round rope table lamp. The rope offers a great nautical appeal and would be a great option for a cottage or a lakeside retreat.


Does your living room need a little bling? This mercury glass table lamp with a matte gray shade offers a lot of charm.  It has a fabulous understated sophistication that works well in contemporary space.


Louis Poulsen has designed many wonderful lighting fixtures over the years. Among my favorites is the Panthella table lamp. Here it is in a silver finish. It also comes in white and silver with a silver diffuser. It just has a great modern look that works in a variety of design schemes, modern, contemporary, or eclectic….


I fell in love with the Foscarini Caboche collection when I worked at on online lighting retailer. It’s simply stunning when lit. My office had the floor model and it was such a joy to walk in and turn it on every morning. It definitely doesn’t fit with every design scheme, and deserves its own unique space.  A modern white monochromatic scheme would set this apart, I think. The sides are a polymer plastic that light dances through.