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Celebrate: The Last Weekend of Summer

August 30, 2013

The last weekend is summer is a bit of crazy concept in a region where the temps will remain summer like for another two months or so. Still, Labor Day weekend has long been a weekend to hang with family and friends to reflect on the adventures of summer and celebrate one last time.

This weekend we may catch up with friends down by the beach, or have friends over. Regardless, I’ll be kick starting the weekend with apple slices, brie cheese, asiago cheese bread and a good red wine. IMG_0525

I recently gave Concannon Vineyards a try. They have been around for 130 years, and yet I had never heard of them. I’m not usually a fan of red wines on their own, but their Conservancy Red Table Wine was pretty good. It had an oaky flavor without being too heavy or too bitter. I would definitely buy it again.  I think it would be better in sangria, though.


My recipe for sangria is super easy.

1 bottle of red wine

1 bottle of ginger ale

1/2 cup of Triple Sec or another orange liqueur

1/2 cup of vodka

a sliced orange, lemon and lime

Pour everything into a pitcher, stir well and let it sit over night.

If you want you can add cinnamon sticks or a couple shots of a cinnamon liqueur for an extra kick.

This sangria is great to serve at a backyard BBQ, or a casual dinner with friends.

* this post was sponsored by Bzz Agent on behalf of Concannon Vineyards. I was mailed a $5.00 coupon to try the wine.






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