Close up shop or recommit…

I’ve been MIA the last few months and with good reason. My attention has been focused on other aspects of life, like earning a living or rather trying to. Ultimately, I decided to try to make a go of this again. I’ve been putzing around with a blog in one form or another for the better part of 10 years. Wow! It really has been 10 years since I launched Madras ‘n Pearls on the Blogger platform. Over the years, it’s morphed into several other titles and landed here about 3-4 years ago. Yet, it’s been sorely neglected over the years.

For awhile I’ve been mulling over what I could do with this platform if properly inspired. Inspiration is the key here. Often times, social media and blogging can be a false perspective of reality and there are many out there trying to “live their best lives” How much of it is real? Honestly, my house is modest, my style is mine but not focused on the latest trends and finding content that is original or unique is not always available or the first thing I wake up thinking about. I’ve been told I have exquisite taste, but I don’t share enough of that.

Blogging is hard work. It’s not what it was when I started back in 2008. I used to wake up and quickly write up a post, find a few photos and hit publish. Today, it’s so much more which can be exhausting if you’re just writing as a hobby and you still want eyes on your efforts. Blogging can be a full time job if you want it to be. The trick is to treat it as such and be prepared to work long hours creating content, promoting content, sharing content and connecting with people. If you’re lucky you can make a decent living through affiliate marketing, e-books, or your own services.

It can be overwhelming especially considering that it takes at minimum 5 years to gain traction. That brings me back to the idea of inspiration. How inspired am I to put in the work? It’s a question I need to answer. I’m not quite ready to give up on this platform or more importantly, myself. Over the next few weeks, I’m committed to posting regularly to Instagram, FB and here. It may not be everyday, but will be at least a few times a week.