Creating a Cohesive Look With An Eclectic Collection of Ornaments

November 29, 2012

I have been collecting ornaments for years now. They were treasured gifts at Christmas, inherited with the passing of my beloved grandmother, or curated from area crafts shows. My collection certainly can be described as eclectic, from run of the mill store bought to vintage baubles allowing my tree to have a very whimsical look. It’s almost too eclectic and with little effort can become chaotic.

How can you create a cohesive look?  Well, the trick  is to repeat one color style of ornament to create the appearance of a theme. This will hold the look together while letting the more random ornaments fill out the tree nicely.

I use glass balls in three colors, white, silver and red.  Then I fill in with vintage ornaments, followed by the store bought and craft show finds.  Other random ornaments are the last to be displayed.  A few of my collected ornaments share the white, silver and red colors, which also helps to tie the tree together.

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