Creative Stairs With An Artsy Flair

I love the idea of taking stairs and giving them a little flair.  The usual approach is to just wrap the steps with carpet. That’s fine, but it’s rather expected, don’t you think?  Wouldn’t an artsy installation

For the book worm,  paint your favorite childhood titles on the front of the stairs to resemble the book’s spine.  Imagine a short set of stairs, just seven steps perhaps, painted with each Harry Potter title.  Would that not be a fabulous touch?  Hang an arrow pointing toward a playroom that says Hogwarts.


Isn’t this an ingenious way to use a collection of old license plates?  My mother was a military brat, and this idea may have suited my grandparents if it of course was their style. How else would you collect a mess of license plates?  I suppose one might stumble across a few here and there at a flea market or an old junk shop. It’s just a nifty use of otherwise wasted metal.


I spotted this technique a while ago and thought it was a darling treatment for steps a in a beach cottage.  The Ombre look is achieved by Of course you could use any color scheme you want.  Try a dark red climbing to a pale pink, emerald green progressing a light mint green. The possibilities are endless.


Often times it’s nice to have lighted stairs.  These do not disappoint.  They are lighted onyx.  Wouldn’t they look fabulous in just about any home?

Modern takes on new meaning with this all metal stair case.  Would you trust them? I am not sure I would. They might however be a great art piece in an urban loft.

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