Design Obsession: Moroccan Motifs

March 2, 2013

Lately, I have noticed Moroccan influences popping up everywhere, from headboards to lighting, area rugs to pillows.  I must admit I am a little smitten with the patterns and shapes. It could stem from a love affair with the quatrefoil, or perhaps my favorite movie “Casablanca”.  It could even be that I adore the mix of hard and soft geometric lines.  Whatever the reason these ethnic influences are right on trend this year.

Moroccan style takes the best of European and Moorish design, fuses it together with a bit of French art deco, Berber, Arab and Spanish influences to create a unique look that gives a space an air of sophistication with a casual feel.

The Moroccan color palette, influenced by both the warm tones of the dessert and cool tones of the sea, leaves many options for color. Think earth tones with blues, pinks or oranges. Don’t forget texture and of course pattern. Moroccan motifs are all about pattern.

Today’s Moroccan style is more modern, taking classic influences and giving them an updated fresh spin. The more traditional motifs tend to be too ornate and appear busy.  The fresher look is just as appealing without being overpowering.




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