Design Trend: Monograms

November 12, 2013

The monogram began as a simple signature during the Greek and Roman times. Artisans employed the single initial to denote their art. During the rise of the Victorian age, the monogram grew in popularity. It signaled wealth, class and taste. Often associated with the aristocracy, the three-letter monogram popped up on everything from linens to knives.

Over the years the popularity of the monogram has ebbed and flowed, with it never really going out of style among the preppy set.  I grew up with monogrammed boat totes, turtle necks with a simple blocked patterned monogram and hankies with a bright “W”.

Today, the monogram has found its way into several areas of home decor.

two letter monogrammed napkin  photo source
two letter monogrammed napkin photo source

1) Monogram Napkin

Dress your table with monogrammed napkins.

vintage linen towels with monograms photo source
vintage linen towels with monograms photo source

2) Vintage towels

Scour flea markets to find vintage linens with your monogram. A simple letter stitched in the same color, or a contrasting letter will make a statement in  the powder room.

photo source
photo source

3) Pillow Shams

Pillow shams with an initial or a three letter monogram is clean and classic. I particularly like using a contrasting color pulled from another color in the room.

photo source
photo source

4) The Gallery Wall 

The gallery wall has really grown in popularity. It’s a great way to use a variety of art pieces, from framed art to vintage needle point.  Add a single initial or a collection of three to the wall for interest and a little identification.

letter wreath

5) Front Door Wreath…. 

Or simply hang the initial of your last name on a wreath.

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