DIY Painted Mugs: Glass Paint or Sharpies

July 28, 2014

I recently picked up the Day Designer ® by Whitney English and as luck would have it, the planner came in either black and white or gold and white.  You can guess which one I opted for.  As it became more apparent that gold was a prominent accent in my new office, I went searching for a gold and white coffee mug for my morning latte as I prep for my day.  I stumbled across a DIY project that looked pretty fun and easy.  Painted mugs…. the question then became glass paint or Sharpie oil based paint.

I opted to try both methods to see which I liked better.  I started with plain white mugs and saucers from Target and then set out create my own DIY painted mugs.  The whole project took a mere 2 hours to complete, including baking time.

Using the Sharpie was easy. I had great control over the paint and was able to coat the handle relatively evenly.  There were a few places where it just wouldn’t take, but it is hardly noticeable after drying and baking.  The color is a little dull for my liking, but the finish looks smoother.


Next, I tried Martha Stewart’s Glass Paint by Plaid.  I like the color of the glass paint much better. It’s brighter and looks truly gold. Using a paintbrush to apply the paint wasn’t an easy task. It went on a little goopy and was not as smooth as I would have liked. ( it doesn’t help that my hand could be a lot steadier too)

DIY painted_mugs


After I finished the painting, I let them dry. Once they dried, I baked the pieces at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

DIY painted mugs is such an easy project and would be fabulous to do as a  gift or as a favor for a bridal shower.  The color options are endless as are the design options.  Scribble a favorite saying, stencil a pretty picture, or free hand a pattern. Have fun and let your style shine.

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