An Easy Painted Chair Project

September 15, 2017
dixie bell painted chair

The other day I was looking for an easy project to do and realized I had left over Dixie Belle paint. I also had a lone dining chair in need of a make over.  Together they were an easy painted chair project.  Revamping a chair really is one of the easiest projects one can undertake.  All you need is a can paint, brushes and some fun fabric.

dixie bell paint

The story behind the chair is that it goes with a set I inherited from my grandparents. It sat in storage for a while and the matching arm chair was infested with bugs. Unfortunately, I had to toss it out leaving me with only one arm chair.  The remaining chair was a dull boring stained brown, and honestly, I thought it cold use a face lift. In an afternoon I was able to transform the chair into the perfect piece for my office.

I love using Dixie Bell Paint, as I don’t have to sand down the pieces I intend to paint. I cleaned it up with a damp cloth to remove any dust on it. Then I took off the seat and set the chair on a drop cloth to start painting. It took a couple of coats of paint to cover it well.

painted chair DIY fabric choices

Painting the chair was the easy part. The struggle was finding the right fabric for the seat. I must have considered about ten different patterns before opting for the pink paisley.  Everything from a cute black spotted fabric, to a cream and gray Parisian style print, and a few other patterns were in contention.  Since I struggled to pick a pattern, Kevin helped me rule out a few of them.  He’s got a great eye and will tell me if something looks a bit funky and not in a good way.  The thing is, I usually agree with him.  I settled on a pink and green paisley print.

easy painted chair project

So, what do you think? It came out pretty well, didn’t it?


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