Encaustic Tile – Artwork For The Floor

September 13, 2012

Originally a fixture on the castle floors of 13th Century Europe, the popular ceramic inlaid tile more commonly known as encaustic tile has seen a few resurgences over the centuries. It was first massed produced during the Gothic Revival period when it caught the attention of craftsman, and rightly so as it is beautiful artwork.  Soon the manufacturing center expanded as tile makers sprung up across Western Europe and  across the pond to the United States.

The American Encaustic Tile Company was a primary source up until the 1930’s, when its popularity began to dwindle.  Today it is seeing yet a third comeback, with many manufacturers  in the U.S.  honing the craft. Unlike other tiles, encaustic tile doesn’t derive its color from the glaze, rather it’s created by inlaying two or more colors of clay onto a carved ceramic tile. It is quite a process to create such exquisite tile.

Today’s patterns come in everything from bold graphics to vintage prints.  Even antique tiles are being found and then re-purposed for use in both historical homes and new construction.  Whether it’s a new design or an old world classic this tile would be fabulous as a back-splash in your kitchen, or a simple “rug” in your entry way.  Let your imagination go wild…..encaustic tile artwork for your floor.

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