Estate sales can yield fabulous treasures

August 5, 2014

I love a good hunt for the right piece for our house. I generally shop our area thrift stores and consignment shops looking for a deal.  At times though finding an estate sale can yield fabulous treasures.  Estate sales are similar to yard sales but are more sophisticated.  Most yard sales are an opportunity to offload household items no longer wanted. The phrase one man’s junk is another man’s treasure certainly speaks to the yard sale. Estate sales on the other hand are the selling of entire homes, furniture, artwork and accessories.  Sometimes a move or a death will prompt an Estate sale.

Like a good consignment shop, antique store or thrift shop estate sales allow loved items to seek new homes and new lives. Often pieces are picked up, refinished and recycled rather than find themselves at the top of the landfill.

via Flickr
via Flickr

Rather than host the sale themselves homeowners will call in estate sale specialists to price items and promote the event.   In most cases, they take a percentage of the sales to cover their costs and time. This makes finding an estate sale is as easy as checking the Sunday papers.

Other places to look would be Craig’s list or even your communities Facebook page.

via Flickr
via Flickr

Most of the traffic through an estate sale is designers, collectors and antique dealers. Each is versed on finding a good deal and that diamond in the rough. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to spend awhile rummaging through the house, basement or attic.  Anyone of those locations could be hiding that one piece.  An original Eames chair, or a beautiful Queen Anne side chair could be hiding.


So, if you are looking to redecorate with a vintage feel or just have an affection for original pieces check out the local estate sale scene.

  1. I have secretly always wanted to go to an Estate Sale, but somehow I’ve always felt intimidated by them. I have no problem stopping at thrift stores or consignment shops.

    1. I can understand how they can feel intimidating. I think it’s the idea of invading someone’s home that feels awkward. You check one out sometime.

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