Five Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

May 11, 2017

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to improve the curb appeal. Simply put, curb appeal is how beautiful and tied together the front of your home is.  Perfect landscaping, great paint, inviting entry way are all elements of amazing curb appeal.  Today I’m sharing my 5 tips to help you improve the curb appeal of your own home for the spring and summer.

tips to improve curb appeal

  • Freshen up the flower beds

Start by freshening up the beds. Giving them a quick sprucing up goes a long way to improving curb appeal. Consider it de-cluttering for the outside. We start by trimming up our palm tree and bushes. We spray a weed killer and then lay down fresh mulch. If any of our plants need to be replaced we will do that. I also plant annuals in a container to give the beds a touch of color.

  • Showcase the house number

How many times have you driven past a house because you couldn’t see the house numbers?  House numbers serve not only functional purposes but can also add a bit of personality to the home. There are several fun and stylish way to display house numbers. We have ours mounted on a painted plaque that hangs over the garage door.


  • Add outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting helps to illuminate your landscaping, highlight the home’s architecture, and increase security.  Whether its low voltage lights or solar lights, adding them to the front of the home helps to welcome people. Yards lacking outdoor lighting look dark, and unwelcoming.

  • Dress up the driveway

Each summer we pressure wash the driveway to rid it of dirt and grime. Concrete does get dirty and can look dingy. Over time as it settles it can also begin to crack. If you’d like a more upscale driveway, consider laying pavers. I think pavers give a driveway so much more character than plain concrete.


  • Dress up the front door

The front door is a window to the home’s character. New hardware, a fresh coat of paint and a beautiful wreath all help to create a welcoming home. If there is a large porch, add an inviting bench or two chairs. Overhead lighting ought to draw one in to the home and illuminate the door for guests. I usually have flowers planted in colorful pots and sitting on the step as you enter the porch. I tie all of the elements together by using a common color scheme.

Each of these tips will help greatly to improve curb appeal and freshen up your front yard. Trust me, your neighbors will thank you!

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