Guide To Coastal Cottage Decor

May 3, 2017
coastal cottage decor

Coastal cottage décor draws from vintage finds and can take time to create, but the effort is well worth it to design a truly curated home.  It evokes a sense of the past in a casual, eclectic and charming manner that invites people to relax and enjoy. There are a few key characteristics to decorating a home with the coastal cottage decor look and feel.

Coastal color schemes are usually neutral with pops of colors in blues, yellows or greens. Keep it light and welcoming. Avoid dark walls and opt for lighter shades. Don’t be afraid to carry the pop of color throughout the space.  For instance, the chair fabric below is carried over to the blue couch in the form of a pillow. It’s loaded with fabulous colors and the orange is picked up by the art work hanging above it.  Repeating colors and patterns in your accessories will help tie the room together.

coastal decor

When selecting your furniture pieces, think eclectically.  Match the scale, and lines of your larger pieces, but don’t match your fabrics exactly. The fabrics should compliment each other instead. Consider a solid color couch and bring in a nautical stripe or a medium calico floral print.  You could opt for simple lines and soft slipcovers for your sofa to create an almost shabby chic look.  Fill in other pieces with flea market finds. Perhaps a coffee table and end tables rescued from a local thrift shop, or gently aged wicker chairs.

cottage decor

No room is complete without accessories. Decide on a theme, it’s usually something nautical; seashells, drift wood, or old lobster buoys. Use the theme consistently throughout the space. A bowl of shells may grace the entryway table, while a framed print of a collection of shells or of a seaside spot hangs on the family room wall. Consider smaller accents such as pillows with seahorses or an octopus. I love the idea of the fish sculpture sitting on the coffee table and the use of nautical stripes on the chair.

The most appealing aspect of the coastal cottage look is the randomness of it. Keep it to light colors, gently worn furniture and unique flea market finds to create your own coastal home.

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