Housewarming Gifts Ideas

August 4, 2016
housewarming gift ideas

Did you know that summer is one of the busiest times for moves?  It seems a lot of people are buying and selling homes this time of year.  Of course with a new home comes the much anticipated housewarming party and the gifts that go along with it.


Origins of the Housewarming Party

The idea of a housewarming party can be traced back to France with the intention of literally warming the home. It’s often thought that the bringing together of friends and family helps to rid the once empty home of “evil spirits” and provide warmth to for the new homeowners. Guests would bestow gifts on the homeowners, ranging from firewood  to  burden baskets, thought to keep ones burdens from entering the home.

Fast forward to today and housewarming parties are still quite popular. Gift ideas have been elevated from firewood to more useful items like personalized planter boxes, or items for the bar.  I’ve picked out a few of my favorite gift ideas in hopes of inspiring your next housewarming gift purchase.

housewarming gift ideas

1. Personalized Ceramic pot sourced from ATGStores
2. Pedestal Hurricane Candle Holders sourced from Pier One
3. Marble Coasters sourced from Williams and Sonoma
4. Kubu Basket sourced from Pier One
5. Slate Cheese Board sourced from Williams and Sonoma

One trick I like to employ is buying a basket or a planter and filling it with useful items, like candles, fancy dish towels, and luxury hand soap similar to what you can pick up at Bath at Body Works.  Often times I find unique options at HomeGoods, Marshall’s  or TJ Maxx.

All of these are priced under $100.00 and a few are less than $50.00.  As with any gift purchase think of it as something you would like the receiver to have, rather than something they want. If it’s something they have asked for it’s a present.

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