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In the Kitchen: Mexican Shepard’s Pie

April 2, 2014

Sunday night we had tacos for dinner. Kevin browned up the ground beef, while I warmed up Spanish rice and refried beans. We also cooked up some black beans, corn and diced tomatoes to enjoy as another side dish. And well, we had a few left overs. It wasn’t quite enough to have tacos another night, but I didn’t want to toss any of it out either. Then I  had a wonderful, brilliant idea.  We make Shepard’s Pie with leftovers, so what was stopping us this time? I realized I could create a Mexican inspired Shepard’s Pie.


A Mexican take on Shepard's Pie....
A Mexican take on Shepard’s Pie….

So, I grabbed two ramekins and layered the left over hamburger, the black-beans, rice and then the refried beans. I topped them both with shredded cheddar cheese and warmed them up in a 350 degree oven for dinner last night. The result was amazing. Kevin is still patting me on the back for the save.

I’d love to say there was some special recipe associated, but honestly there isn’t.  It was just a smart way to use up just a little leftover taco fixin’s.

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