Inviting outdoor spaces

April 29, 2014

As spring morphs into summer, it is time to think about refreshing or decorating outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces can be inviting and restful places to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors just beyond your living room.  Whether your lanai is enclosed or left open to the elements and critters, here are a few tips that will have your space looking stylish and welcoming.


Before you pick furniture, ask yourself what activities the space will serve. Will you eat dinner out there, just relax with a book, or use it for a combination of things.  Once you have an idea what you will use the space for, take measurements so know exactly what room you have for furniture. The more space you have available the more likely you can set up a couple of areas, one for eating and one for conversation.

Today‚Äôs outdoor furniture selection has grown beyond the Adirondack chair and the old fold out lawn chair. More stylish and sturdier options are widely available, from complete outdoor living room sets, to adorable bistro dining sets.  As with any design scheme make sure the pieces you select are to scale. In other words, if you have a small space you will want to use small-scaled furniture. A large space allows for larger scaled items.

I love the use the weather worn teak, and bright colored pillows. The wicker coffee table is amazing too. It’s all perfectly designed to scale and gives you several seating options.


You can purchase outdoor window treatments, rugs, decorative lighting, and tiki torches to add a little personality to your outdoor living.  Each accessory just adds that extra bit of interest and keeps the room from appearing flat. To combine lighting with a bug repellent try hanging a few candle lanterns scented with bergamot or citronella.

Outdoor rugs keep your feet comfortable and safe from the rough feel of concrete. They also offer a great opportunity for a splash of color. Personally, I adore the wide colorful selection of striped cotton rugs at Dash and Albert.

Who wouldn’t want to dine here with friends?

The fireplace has moved out of the living room and onto the back deck.  Whether it’s a small round fire pit perfect for roasting marshmallows or a large scale fireplace sitting prominently in the outdoor living room. Both varieties offer warmth on chilly evenings. The smoke may even keep the skeeters away.

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