How to Make a Spring Floral Wreath

June 28, 2017
how to make a floral wreath

The other day we were outside doing some yard work when Kevin looked up at the front door and said it needed a bigger wreath.  It sure did. Rather than hang nothing there I hung a simple wreath that lacked that certain character. To be honest it was an unfinished piece that desperately needed switching out.  My solution was a new bright spring floral wreath.  It was an idea I had been toying with for a while and when Hobby Lobby put their florals on sale for 50% off I knew I had to act.

To make my spring floral wreath you will need :

  • Six bunches of 12 flowers, or 72 flowers of your choosing.
  • Floral wire cut into 1-2 inch sections
  • A hot glue gun
  • Wire wreath form

how to make a spring floral wreath

Start by stripping the flowers from the stems and the hot glue the wire to the inside of where the stem was. This will allow you to attach the flower to the wreath form by wire wrapping the flower to the form.  I twisted the wire around two of the wires of the wreath form as tightly as I could get it.  After each flower was attached, I simply hung the wreath on a hook on my front door.

I opted to use green, pink and white daisies to tie my front entry together.  Our door is a light shade of green and I’m using the same color for pots that hold pink geraniums. Our wicker chairs have a another shade of green to round out the entryway.


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