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On a recent to trip to HomeGoods…..

May 5, 2013

My nearest HomeGoods store is a bit of a trek. So yesterday I was thrilled to be running errands that would bring me close enough to stop by.  HomeGoods tends to source fabulous hard to find items are great prices. With that in mind I was fairly confident that I would find the silver picture frames I have been hunting for.

Sure enough I did.  I spotted three frames with different textural elements to them that keep the collection visually interesting.


While I was there, I thought I would see what else they had in store.

I can’t say I was surprised by this find. Elephants have been a popular motif for the past year or so and this one is probably the most unique one I have found. I love the use of burlap. It keeps it rustic and simple.


Next to it,  I spotted a horse decked out with string or yarn wrapped around it. The variation in color and folk art nature of the piece was pretty cool.  It would make a great statement piece in the right space.


Just to prove that last year’s color or the year was still here. I stumbled across this bold and colorful chair. The large orange floral print is amazing.  It would be fabulous in a monochromatic room in need of a punch of color.


So, what have you discovered at HomeGoods recently?

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