Pot Luck Dinners

August 9, 2010
potluck suppers

When money is tight how do you entertain?  Do you just forego the chance to host a party or is there an alternative?  I like the idea of a Pot Luck. It’s fun, inexpensive for the host, and brings people together.

The term dates back to the 16th century and referred to a dish served to an unexpected guest. They were given what ever was already in the pot.  Not a bad way to look at feeding someone you were not anticipating.  At the time, they were lucky to be getting anything.

potluck dinners

Pot lucks or covered dish meals are popular among churches and other civic organizations.  It allows people to come together and share a communal meal with out any one person shouldering the expense.  With the economy the way it is hosting a pot luck dinner will let you enjoy a meal among friends while still having an inexpensive and fun evening.

We have been thinking about a way to open our home to friends and host a party. Money is tight and we like to do it right.  We have shied away from any entertaining due to the cost.  Then the thought of sharing the planning came to mind. All of our friends are foodies.  What better way to enjoy everyone’s passions then to host a pot luck?


How best to plan a Pot luck?  Have a theme and ask everyone to bring a dish representative of that theme.

Ask one group of friends to bring appetizers or sides and another to bring desserts. As the host you can provide the main dish, turkey, ham,  ribs on the grill.  For drinks, you can supply them or ask everyone to bring something they would like to drink.  I generally make up a huge batch of Sangria to share. Since most of our friends are self proclaimed foodies, it’s fun to share our mad cooking skills with each other.

While it does have that 1950’s vibe to it, it does bring friends together for an evening.  Hey why not have a 1950’s inspired party?  Yep, that’s what I am off to plan.  Lots of casseroles, and easy to make meals.  Maybe I’ll even have people dress in the style of Mad Men… hmmm.

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