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Saturday adventures….

May 26, 2013

I had the pleasure of  hanging out with a dear friend today.  The goal was to just have fun and if we found cool stuff while hitting the antique shops, thrift stores or any of the boutiques all the better.

We started off at one of my favorite thrift stores- The Homeless Emergency Project.  The proceeds go to serving the homeless population in Clearwater, a worthy cause to be sure.  It seems their donations of furniture come from an older population as it’s very dated, and not always in great condition. As with most thrift stores the selection is hit or miss.  Today was no different.  I did spot this wonderful bench, and toyed with the idea of redoing the seating and refreshing the look with new paint. In the end I nixed the idea, but may end up back there this week…..


From there it was off to lunch and wandering a few small town main streets.  If the day had been about shopping, it would have been a dismal failure, but our goal of just having fun was more than accomplished.

I was hoping to find a piece that would work as a bar or a fabulous entryway table.  Sadly, I had no luck.  But it was a great day!

  1. So much fun! We need to do it again really soon! I loved the no plan and just stopping when something sparked our interest!

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