Simple Halloween Decor to Mimic

October 1, 2014

Halloween was always one of those holidays I loved as a child. As an adult, I still love the holiday, but when it comes to Halloween decor,  I stick to the mantra ” keep it simple ”  Simple Halloween decor is easy and understated while still offering a bit of festiveness to a room.

Our entry way is a work in progress, but I do have fun with our mantel and fireplace. The fireplace wall is almost 11 feet, so the mantel usually calls for a bold scale of things, but I like to mix it up a bit. The problem I generally face is the narrowness of the shelf.  I have about six inches of depth to work with, making it a challenge to find something bold and narrow at the same time.  My mantel, no matter the season is clean with just enough to give it some character, but not overdone to the point of overwhelming the small wall the shelf sits on.


I try to make use of the vertical space above the shelf by hanging artwork.  I am a huge fan of using empty frames as art pieces, either alone or in a gallery setting.  For the upcoming holiday, I opted for this basic black frame hung solo on the wall.  It offers a bit of understated drama and plays well off the black candles sitting high upon tall candles holders, as they draw your eye upwards. Less is more keeps it simple.

What’s Halloween without a touch of orange?  Small orange tea-light holders will round out the look, allowing me to burn any number of fall fragrances.


For a touch of whimsy and a nod to Edgar Allan Poe,  “quote the raven nevermore” .  I stumbled across this guy at Michaels or Joanne’s years ago and fell in love with him. He’s paper mache and one day will be replaced with a pottery version (I hope).  In the meantime, he’s still cute, don’t ya think? It just goes to show simple Halloween decor doesn’t have to be dull?


Recreate my mantel with a little originality of your own.  The easiest idea to steal is the black candles and the frame.  The other elements may be a bit trickier, but with a little bit of a hunt through a craft store or the dollar store, you may find tea-lights that resemble jack o’lanterns.  Instead of a black crow, look for a black cat to offer a little scare and whimsy.

There are any number of things that can be incorporated into simple Halloween decor.



    1. Hi Brooke, Thank you stopping by. I can imagine how hard it is to keep holiday decorating simple with kids in the house.

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