Smartly Used Neutral Color Palettes in the Bedroom

May 28, 2013

After a long busy weekend all I could think about today was my bed. Curling up with a good book and a cup of tea with the chance to nap at any point during the day seemed like a great idea. Alas, that was not to be.  Yet oddly enough, throughout the day I stumbled across stories about bedrooms, everything from neutral palettes to colors that actually let you sleep more soundly.


I have always appreciated a well put together neutral space, and the bedroom is the perfect place to use the design scheme.  Neutral palettes create a soothing restful atmosphere in a bedroom.  Using the same hue in different shades and tints while adding in pattern and texture give a room a very inviting feel.


I love the use of the quatrefoil wallpaper used on the accent wall. It provides just enough visual interest while not being overbearing.  It gently picks up the gold from the flooring and ties in with the same darker hue used with the pillows. Add in the crystal chandelier, the dark wood armoire and the feminine lines of the bench and you have quite a romantic  bedroom.


Floor to ceiling windows draped in a soft gray, paired with tone on tone wallpaper in a lighter hue sets the framework for this romantic room. Note the detailing on the wood pieces. The dresser painted in the same hues, but with prominent opposite colors.  The side table features the cream with the gray as an accent, while the chest  uses gray with the cream as an accent. It’s the small details that make this room.


The abundance of pattern and green accents in this room give it that extra dimension that keeps a neutral palette from falling flat. The room has a lot of character. It’s the   the animal print on the bench that plays off the mixed colorful pattern on the lamp and then ties it all  together with the flowers in a similar hue that brings the room to life.  Think how boring it would look without the accents the greens bring.

Which of the three would you love to claim as your own?   If I had to chose, it would be the first one. I am a sucker for the quatrefoil.


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