Stress Free Holiday Tips

December 12, 2013

The holiday season is ridiculously busy, with baking, decorating, shopping and the usual everyday activities. Staying stress free can be very difficult, but with a few easy strategies the holidays can be less hectic.


From late November to the last week of January our to do lists and calendars fill up faster than most other months. It’s overwhelming if there’s no plan. To make it a little easier, pencil in all of the activities you need or want to accomplish during the holiday season. My calendar includes a target date to finish shopping by, a day reserved for holiday baking and my decorating schedule, from putting up the tree to bathing the outdoor landscape in lights.  I leave a lot of weekend evenings open for that impromptu party invite. Down time is set aside too for watching the season’s plethora of movies and television specials. I try to remain flexible as much as I can this time of year, if a task is not accomplished on time, but isn’t a top priority I don’t sweat it. I think a rigid schedule can almost add to the stress.


Be sure to eat right, get exercise and plenty of rest. The busyness of the season creates a opportunity to burn the  proverbial candle at both ends easily.  We start each day with trip to the gym, and have a healthy breakfast. It keeps me from snacking on sugary sweet treats this season is famous for.   Often, Kevin and I will head out into the neighborhood for an evening stroll and to admire the festive light displays our neighbors put up each December. It’s quiet down time allowing us to talk about things or revel in the stillness of the evening. It rejuvenates us each time.


For us just having a plan, a little flexibility and paying attention to a healthy lifestyle helps to keep the holidays stress free.

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