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Our Weekend Adventures – Sugar Sand Festival

April 24, 2017

The fact that there are so many things to do the Tampa Bay area is what makes living here so wonderful.  Any given weekend we can find a host of activities and festivals to attend. This past weekend alone there was a Blueberry Festival, the Mainsail Art Show, the Sugar Sand Festival, a handful of concerts to pick from, flea markets and farmers markets galore.  We had so many options, it was a bit tough to decide what to do.  We opted for the Sugar Sand Festival and a concert.

Sugar Sand Festival

We feel so blessed to live near Clearwater Beach. When we first moved down many years ago, we often went to the beach to watch sunset. Over the years, we’ve watched as the beach transformed from old Florida mom & pop motels to first class resorts and national chain hotels.  While the changes bring in more tourists, they also bring in first class events like the Sugar Sand Festival.

Sugar Sand Festival

Saturday we ventured down to the beach to take it all in. The Sugar Sand Festival features 21,000 square feet of sand sculpture all housed under a tent.  Sand Sculpture artists come from around the country to show off their skills and trust me their skills are mad!  We walked through twice and I still don’t think I took it all in.

Sunday found us venturing into the Channel Side district of Tampa to attend Neil Diamond’s 50th Anniversary Tour. He’s getting up in age, but still sounds as amazing has he did twenty years ago. His library of work is so vast that it was impossible to recall all of his top hits. Of course, being a Red Sox fan, singing along to Sweet Caroline was the highlight of the evening.

This next weekend may find us sticking a little closer to home to tackle a home project or two.


    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by. The festival was amazing! It was 21,000 square feet of sculptures under a tent. It’s an annual event too!

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