Summer Nail Polish Color: anything goes with your toes

July 18, 2015

So, what do you do on a rainy Saturday morning?  You play around with nail polish colors. Earlier, I mentioned that pink is my go to for my nails. Yet, sometimes it is fun to mix it up.  After all, it’s summer time and anything goes with your toes.  Although I question whether colors I wore in junior high are still acceptable some thirty years later, I have decided YOLO. (yes I went there)

Toes are a perfect spot to infuse color all summer long.  Hanging out by the pool, bar crawling with friends in chic summer sandals or digging your feet into fluffy sand at the beach having your toes peak up at you sparkling with happy colors just makes one smile, doesn’t it?

Admittedly, I do not go to great lengths with my own pedicures and my favorite brand Essie holds up for a week or two allowing me to cheat a little. Other brands I have tried are not as durable. Since I live in my sandals and flip-flops all summer, durable is important to me.

This summer’s colors are a mix of amazing pastels, vibrant pinks, and bright oranges, with most being a variation of past summer trends.  Currently, I adore  Orange, Its Obvious; Saltwater Happy;  ModSquare; and Mojito Madness. As it turns out, Mojito Madness is the top pinned color on Pinterest.  A girl can’t be wrong if so many others adore it too.