Summer to Fall Decor with 5 Easy Changes

As the cooler temperatures start to move it, it is time to think about transitioning your home from summer to fall decor . It does not take much to bring a warm fall look to your home. Some of the best moves are easy, and do not cost much.   I usually use these five steps to transition our home seasonally and update the décor accordingly. Oddly enough, it most often involves changing out your textiles and accessories.



Switching out pillows is the easiest way to take your home from summer to fall.  Pillows are a popular accessory in our home, with them placed everywhere from the bedroom to the living room couch.  I have linen pillows that adorn our couch from April to October.  Once October rolls around, I store the linen in favor of a darker more wintery material.  My current favorites are the cable knit pillow and the imitation fluffy fur.



Window Treatments

I tend to keep our window treatments on the simple side and generally opt for a basic panel style.  Each fall I take down my crisp white linen panels and replace it with a heavier fabric in a pattern with warm tones.  If you have cotton, or linen you can switch them out to a lined silk or a wool blend. Using a lined curtain panel also helps your heating bill by keeping drafts at bay.




Summer time calls for lightweight bedding. Fall on the other hand, welcomes cooler temps and calls for heavier fabrics on the bed.  Who doesn’t want to snuggle under heavy bedding when there is a chill in the air? So, fold and put away you cotton matelassé coverlets and pull out your down comforter and microfiber blankets.



Nothing says fall better than the smell of pumpkins, spice and apples.  During the fall our house is filled with the scents of fall.  Create a vignette of candles in different heights and shades of orange, creams and reds.  On the other hand, place jar candles throughout your home, creating a wafting of warm and comforting scents.  I am fan of the soy candles that Target carries. Priced at $10.00 for a medium jar, they are economical and have a long life.



Seashells are quiet reminders of summer and are fabulous displayed throughout a home in baskets or jars.  When he sun starts to set early, and there is a noticeable chill in the air, it’s time to say good bye to the shells and welcome the pinecones, gourds and acorns.  These make great vase fillers and add that little reminder of fall to the house, especially here in Florida.

These 5 easy décor changes take no time to implement and can usually be done in an afternoon.  Make a weekend of it.  When you decide to store your summer clothes and pull out your sweaters, leggings and boots plan to store your home’s summer cloths too.

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