Let’s talk signature colors

signature color collage


Let’s talk signature colors.  A signature color is a go to color, it’s a favorite color one often wears and/ or decorates with. It can be a nail color, a lip color or an accent color. It’s the color that makes you happiest. Whether decorating your home, or rounding out your closet, having a signature color makes life easier.

Easily my signature color is pink, and not just pink but magenta pink. I am not sure why, but magenta has always been the color I reached for. I remember it being my go to color from the box of Crayola’s as far back as kindergarten. There is something bold yet feminine about the rich vibrant pink.

Decorating with signature colors can be a challenge. So many other factors come into play. A bold color used predominately in a small room could be overwhelming if there is a lack of natural light. In a large room it could play nicely in the space. To be safe, I would suggest using a bold signature color as an accent with a neutral palette. Softer colors on the other hand would do well in either space, played up with accents of darker shades in the same hue to add personality and depth. Avoid too much of the monochromatic look as it could look a bit odd. A room done all in blue, blue walls, blue carpet, blue furniture is well, blue.

Dressing in signature colors makes pulling together a look a snap. It also makes shopping easy as you know what colors to gravitate too.  Just as you would not want your home done entirely in the same shade, you will want your outfits to incorporate your signature color with other coordinating colors.  I often pair pink with navy, black or denim. It keeps my look pulled together without being clownish. Just imagine what pink shoes, pick pants and a pink top would look like. It’s too much pink and pairing it with another color softens it.

Opting for your signature color for your nail polish and lipstick also makes life easier. My go to nail polish is Strawberry Margarita by OPI. It’s a nice hot pink for my nails.  I am not a huge lipstick wearer, but I love the demur look of the MAC’s Modesty. It’s not hot pink, but hot pink on my lips is too shocking.  Now, admittedly not all colors will play well in this arena. If you love green, then using it for your lipstick may not make much sense. In that case, pick another color you want to wear consistently.

My use of pink even comes into play with my stationery and choice of ink color.  It may be novel, but it does give my correspondence a distinct look. I use accents of pink in wrapping gifts and when entertaining too.

How would a signature color incorporate into your life?

Color Trends to Watch: Acai

Acai- a South American palm tree that produces a blackish-purple berry. Or one of Pantone’s Fall 2013’s color trends to watch.  It’s a deep dark rich purple with a tinge of blue and a dash of black.


Now, normally I am not a fan of purple. I usually find it too obnoxious.  It may be that I was once told, probably as a child or impressionable tween,  that preppies did not wear purple.  Whether it is true or not remains to be proven, but  Acai is growing on me.


Unlike some purples, Acai is not bright. It has a depth of color that makes it more appealing.  It doesn’t shout but rather whispers quietly letting you know it’s there.  As an accent it’s a burst of  bold color without being over powering.  My style would incorporate accents of Acai rather than use it as a prominent color.

Royal, majestic and mysterious, Acai offers a flair for the dramatic when used as a prominent color. Paired with metallic accents it’s a quintessential look of luxury. Mix in  patterns and textures for elegant finishing touches.

Not only will Acai be trending for interior colors, but look for it on the runways too.   Where fashion goes, interiors are never far behind.
 (image courtesy of polyvore)
Whether you call it Acai, Wisteria, Eggplant, Aubergine or Byzantium it’s still purple.  What are your thoughts on it?

Signature Style

I was chatting with friends last night and the topic of signature style came up.  The conversation had me thinking about how to define signature style. Does it apply only to how one dresses or does one’s home decor play a role?  Style itself is defined as a manner in which to do something, and a distinctive appearance. With that in mind, it’s safe to say a signature style is both how we dress and how we decorate. Which, if you think about it does ring true as we tend to decorate with our personal style in mind, don’t we.  We will talk more on that later…..

Having a great signature style, to me, is being true to who you are. If you are one who follows the trends but adds your own twist to the latest fashion you are being true to yourself. If vintage or classic appeal to you,  wear it well.


If asked to define my own signature style it would be difficult.  There are times I love to dress up and others when a pair of jeans and t-shirt are just the thing.  Casual sophistication could describe me quite well.  I am inclined to dress up a pair of jeans with pearls, and cute loafers.


Or…. clean up  nicely in a dress and heels. Truth be told, if I could dress up everyday I would. It’s just not practical.



There’s a song that says “you are never fully dressed without a smile”, well I am never fully dressed with out my pearls.  No matter if I am wearing a fancy dress or a pair of shorts and a polo, without my pearl studs I feel naked.



How do you define your signature style?

Friday Finds- Alligator Bracelet Bling…..

I confess I am a sucker for alligators. Whether they are just an icon on my polos or the creatures in my back yard there is just something I adore about them.  Unlike my neighbors I am not afraid of them. I give them all the respect they deserve and let them be.


So of course it’s no surprise that I  favor them as inspiration for a jewelry, particularly bracelets. Wouldn’t these be incredible gifts this holiday season?   I’m not sure which I like more, if pressed I’d have to go with the gold.

Kenneth Lane

You can always count on Kenneth Lane for gorgeous bling, am I right?  Which one appeals to you?