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My Vintage Chairs Get a Makeover

One the easiest ways to update a pair of vintage chairs is to recover the seat. I watched my mom recover the chairs in our dining room every time she wanted to update the look with out breaking the bank. Today I did just that with a pair of vintage chairs.  I use them as side chairs next to the fireplace to add symmetry to a rather odd space to decorate.

This project was very budget friendly. Luckily, I had enough fabric left over from another project to cover the elegant vintage chairs.  I wanted something bold and colorful that would pop. The fabric I replaced on the seats was dull and lacked any sort of style. They were boring to say the least.

I opted for a really bold jewel toned paisley.  Crazy as it sounds, I’m not the only one to love the pattern. Pier One turned it into melamine plates. I kid you not. Back to the chairs.

Originally, these chairs went with a dining set I inherited from my grandparents. Since we don’t use the dining table or for that matter the dining room, the chairs were an excellent target for this project. My goal was to add color and bold pattern to the living room.

Step by Step Directions to Updating Vintage Chairs

  • Start by unscrewing the seat from the chair frame, setting aside the hardware.
  • Remove the fabric from the seat using a flat head screw driver to pop out the staples.
  • Lay out the fabric you want to use and place the seat over it to make a template. Leave about an 1 inch. More if the cushion is thicker.
  • Cut out the fabric and place the seat on the wrong side of the fabric.
  • Gather the sides and staple to the seat.  I had to play with the gathers to get it to look perfect and clear of the screw holes.
  • Place the seat back on the frame and screw it onto the chair.

It looks fabulous, don’t you think?

model home

Model Home Decor

Model homes are wonderful for inspiration when you are looking to redo your own home. They are always decked out in the latest styles and trends.  As a lover of design and pretty things, they always hold an element of wonder for me.

For the last year or so I’ve been working as a new home sales assistant, or as the industry likes to call it, a”model home minder”.  It’s a great little gig while I pursue my real estate license and launch a design / decorating biz of some sort. Honestly, I have too many ideas about that venture and need to start small with a targeted approach. More on that later…

The cool thing about my part time gig is that I get to spend the day in these gorgeous model homes. Each one is amazing and impeccably designed.  I’ve loved noticing all the fabulous details that the home stagers have added.

Today, I thought I would share a few images of the homes I’ve been fortunate to hang out in. Each offers a few good tips for adding a model home look to your own home.

mercury glass chandelier

This is the mercury glass chandelier hanging over the the breakfast table. The room itself is bright and airy and the dressy chandelier makes the room. It gives the round table and cloth covered parsons chairs a touch of class and elegance. It inspires me to upgrade the lighting at my house.

master bedroom

This master suite is so inviting. I love that it’s bright with a wall of windows overlooking the back yard.  Those pendant lights hanging over the nightstands are just the touch of luxury this space needs. I’ve noticed in a lot of their homes, this builder uses molding to deck out walls giving them extra visual interest. Just imagine how boring the wall behind the bed would look without the darker blue framed out against the lighter blue.

collection of candles

I love a good artfully displayed collection and this dining room table with various sizes and heights of candle sticks is stunning. It includes everything from pillars to hurricanes and votive holders. The mix and match of colors and wood tones continues to create visual interest. It sets the table to be more than an item of furniture letting the visitor know it’s a dining room.  When staging a home it helps to show off a space with style and flair.  Simply leaving the table top bare does nothing to make the room memorable.

If you are looking to list  your property or simply want some design inspiration take a walk through a model home center. Be upfront with the sales staff that you a just taking a look around for some design inspiration. They won’t bother you then.


what makes a house a home

What Makes a House a Home

What makes a house a home? I have pondering that question lately.  Is it the smell of apple pie,  the cozy fireplace, the welcoming entry, or a comfy couch?  Maybe it’s the collection of art, or the books and photos we surround ourselves with. There are many ways to define it.

If you think about it a house is just the frame work. It’s wood, concrete, nails, glass, drywall and a floor-plan. It doesn’t quite become a home until the inside is lovingly decorated by its inhabitants.


Everyone has their own style and own thoughts of what creature comforts need to be in their homes. Some want that professionally decorated home, while others enjoy the task of doing it themselves.  Does it really matter which approach is taken? Of course decorators will argue,  perhaps rightfully so, that people lacking any sense of style really ought not to try to do it themselves.  But style is such a personal thing, if one loves their space does it really lack style?

decorated mantel

I do agree that trained designers and decorators will do a much better job of capturing ones style while assembling rooms with the right principles in mind, than an untrained homeowner would. At the same time I don’t think a home must be defined by the talents of a designer, but I would recommend it.


Home simply is where the heart is.  It is filled with things we love, things that make us smile or inspire us. It is a reflection of how we live, of our personalities and interests.  Home is a whatever we want it be…..for me, home is where my husband is.

What makes a house a home for you?

Sewing Class

The one thing I have wanted to do was take a sewing class and this past weekend I had the chance to take a class at Jo-Ann’s.  The class focused on making a fabric bin. At first I thought it may have been a little above my skill set, but then I realized it was just straight lines.

Fabric Bin project

Fabric Bin project

I started out with 5/8th of a yard of fabric for the main fabric and the liner as well as the interfacing. I needed to get the eye-let kit and rope trim for the handles, although in the end I opted to leave the handles off the bin.  Jo-Ann’s provided me with the single piece pattern. I cut the pattern out three times and then began the process of sewing it all together.  The sewing class was supposed to be a mere three hours long, but almost five hours later, I was done.

Finished fabric bin project

Finished fabric bin project

As it turned out, I was the only one to sign up for the home decor project sewing class and was able to get individualized attention.  I wasn’t he only one there to sew though. There were a couple of 10 year olds there with their own sewing machines learning to make patch work pillows.  I was struck by their level of interest, concentration and creativity.  In a day where most millennials aren’t learning to sew, it was refreshing to see girls much younger learning to.

One of the young girls was a cancer survivor and she hadn’t been to a sewing class in a few years. I felt fortunate to meet the young lady. She’s very talented, creative and inquisitive.  After she complimented me on the Paris print I was working with, I gave her the scrap material I had. I am sure she will do something amazing with it.  I spent most of the day chatting with her mother as I diligently sewed my project.

The cool thing is the pattern for the fabric bin was so easy; I can replicate it at home and make a bunch of bins for other organizational needs.  It will make a gift too.

As for taking a class at Jo-Ann’s, I would happily take another. It was a fun day working on a project where my only focus was what I was working on.  The instructor was patient and helpful. I think it helped that she really enjoyed being there with all of us.

If you want to learn to sew, I suggest checking out their sewing classes. They have a sewing 101 class that teaches you the basics. You will learn about the various hems, stitches and the like.  I may actually go back and take that class, even though it’s a bit remedial for me.

Friday Crush: Yellow Makes Me Happy

Yellow is a very cheery color.  It is said to spark original thought and inquisitiveness.  As the brightest color on the spectrum, yellow is seen much more readily. It is used for cross walks, street dividers and even the school bus, so it is more visible to others.

Yellow used in the home can bring about cheerfulness, inspire the intellect, and provide a space with warmth and energy.  In small doses it can bring a happy disposition to a room, if a full scale onslaught of yellow is not your liking.

yellow accessories

yellow mood board via Olioboard


It’s a great gender-neutral color for a nursery.  Bright, vibrant and creative, what more could you want for your child’s room?  It is a shot of happiness every child ought to be bathed in.

OB-yellow nursery


Yellow is great mixed with navy, white, gray or even green.

OB-yellow color schemes

These are just some of the reasons I am crushin on yellow this week.