pantone color of the year

Color of the Year Trends

Every year paint companies select a color of the year from their vast collection of hues, shades and tones. I’m always in awe of the colors chosen and rarely are the colors similar. This year two of the hues are close neighbors on the color wheel. There’s a lot of thought that goes into each selection and it usually stands out in a curated selection of complimentary colors. Today, I’m doing a round up of color of the year selections.


Pantone isn’t a paint company but they are the leading authority on color. Their choice influences fashion, cosmetics and home decor. This year’s Pantone color of the year is Ultra Violet.  It’s a bright purple commonly found in nature and pairs well with reds, greens and yellows. It’s a shade darker than Pantone’s 2013 color of year, Radiant Orchid, which was more of a laid back lavender. If you are looking for a bold color especially in a small space I would consider Ultra Violet. It lends itself to a cozy relaxing feel without being boring.  To buy this paint head to your local Lowe’s and check out the Valspar display. Valspar has been partnering with Pantone to bring their color of the year to consumers for a few years now.

pantone color of the year

source: Unsplash

pantone color of the year

Source: Unsplash

Sherwin Williams 

Sherwin Williams announced their color of the year would be Oceanside.  It’s a rich blue with a touch of deep green, reminiscent of a day at the beach as you look out over a deep blue sea. It’s a color that evokes a sense of luxury known and unknown. It combines the allure of something old and the excitement of something new.  Personally, I think it’s a great accent color with some longevity but as a primary color it may tire quickly as it’s a bit dark and overwhelming.  I’m thinking the best accents would be painted furniture, pillows or lamp shades. Small pops of color paired with a bright white like Extra White  would be perfect.  It lets you layer in other shades of blue, yellow, or bright pink.

Sherwin Williams Oceanside


source: Sherwin Williams


I love Behr’s color of the year.  It’s called In the Moment, a dark sage green with hints of blue undertones. Unlike Sherwin Williams’ Oceanside, In the Moment is more muted. It’s a soft hue that provides a refreshing and relaxed feel. It works well with the concept hygge providing a sense of calm and well-being.  It’s not a bold color which makes it perfect for those looking to take a leap and try color on their walls. For a more dramatic look, pair it with a dark and dusty purple.


source: Behr Paint

Source: Behr Paint


PPG opted to go in a wildly different direction by selecting Black Flame. It’s a dark charcoal gray; almost black. It’s very dramatic and bold. As a great neutral, any bold color will pair with it nicely. I would steer clear of blues and lean more towards light greens, soft creams, dark yellows and bright oranges for a bold accent.


Source: Unsplash

Benjamin Moore 

As bold colors go, this year’s Benjamin Moore color of the year, Caliente is very bold.  As it’s name suggests, it’s red hot. It offers a a sense of luxury, drama and sophistication. Used in a boy’s bedroom it’s a nod to the Americana decor still popular. It’s a bolder take on the farmhouse look too.  Painted on a front door offers guests a red carpet of sorts. It’s truly a fabulous primary red.

Source: Benjamin Moore


Spring Color Trends 2014

The one thing I have noticed recently is an explosion of color.  Beige is so yesterday and bright, vibrant colors are now. Whether it is Radiant Orchid, Kelly Green or Cobalt Blue bringing color into your home is very on trend.  Now, not everyone loves a wild collection of color, but even picking one or two will liven up a neutral palette.

Pantone’s Spring Color Forecast includes 10 fabulous colors, any of which would be amazing. They can even be mixed and matched for a true colorful experience.



One of my favorite color combinations is Kelly green and Cobalt Blue.  Usually I pair Kelly Green with Navy, as they are a quintessential preppy combo, but the more vibrant cobalt or dazzling  blue modernizes the combination.  Mix in a few amazing geometric patterns, balance it all with a crisp white and any room will pop.

OB_green and blue color palette_2

It’s great to see orange is still on the scene. Celosia Orange is a a little less in your face than Tangerine Tango was but is still a delightful color.  I love the idea of pairing it with Paloma. It’s a soft shade of gray with a tinge of blue.

OB-orange and gray


And of course, Radiant Orchid is all the rage. It’s been declared the color of the year. While I am not a big fan of shades of purple, I can appreciate Radiant Orchid in small doses.



Are there any colors you love to use in your decor?


Color Trends to Watch: Acai

Acai- a South American palm tree that produces a blackish-purple berry. Or one of Pantone’s Fall 2013’s color trends to watch.  It’s a deep dark rich purple with a tinge of blue and a dash of black.


Now, normally I am not a fan of purple. I usually find it too obnoxious.  It may be that I was once told, probably as a child or impressionable tween,  that preppies did not wear purple.  Whether it is true or not remains to be proven, but  Acai is growing on me.


Unlike some purples, Acai is not bright. It has a depth of color that makes it more appealing.  It doesn’t shout but rather whispers quietly letting you know it’s there.  As an accent it’s a burst of  bold color without being over powering.  My style would incorporate accents of Acai rather than use it as a prominent color.

Royal, majestic and mysterious, Acai offers a flair for the dramatic when used as a prominent color. Paired with metallic accents it’s a quintessential look of luxury. Mix in  patterns and textures for elegant finishing touches.

Not only will Acai be trending for interior colors, but look for it on the runways too.   Where fashion goes, interiors are never far behind.
 (image courtesy of polyvore)
Whether you call it Acai, Wisteria, Eggplant, Aubergine or Byzantium it’s still purple.  What are your thoughts on it?

Friday Finds- Emerald Green

Yesterday Pantone announced their Color of The Year for 2013. I’m excited to say it’s Emerald Green.  Expect to see this luxe color everywhere.  It will pop up in home furnishings, accessories, and clothing throughout 2013.

It’s already popping up. From vintage 60’s party dresses, to painted bar cabinets and murano glass the trend is upon us.


via polyvore

It is a daring color to use in large scale, but it offers a bit of drama that you just might want.