The Death of the Handwritten Note

It saddens me to learn that children are no longer learning to write cursive in schools. Can you imagine the art of the handwritten letter going by the wayside entirely?  I love a good hand written letter and have had a pen pal for a few years now, although I will admit social media makes keeping touch quite a bit more immediate. Yet, it’s nice to go to the mail box to find a thoughtful letter from a dear friend in it. It brings a smile to my face to open a beautiful envelope filled with a friendly note on a equally beautiful stationery.

Call me old fashion, but I much prefer the time tested traditions of the handwritten note and formal invitation.  I cringe at getting invitations to events by email or through Facebook. To me, an invitation sets the mood for the event, its a thoughtful move that says the hostess took the time to consider the smallest event details.

During my recent visit to the Oxford Exchange, I was struck by the bookstore and it’s wide variety of curated books. It reminded me that too many civilized traditions are falling by the wayside.  Just like the handwritten note, the book may soon be a thing of the past as everyone clamors for the ease of an e-reader.

Sadly, I think the electronic world is here to stay whether it’s the email of the e-reader. I just won’t go down with out a fight.  So in an effort to resurrect the art of the letter I am giving away a copy of  Margaret Shepherd’s The Art of the Handwritten Note- A Guide to Reclaiming Civilized Communication, courtesy of the Oxford Exchange.


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