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The Lemonade Slushie

Happy Thursday! We are one day closer to the weekend. To celebrate I have been playing around with a new drink. Ok, it may be a variation on a drink that already exists and I just don’t know about it.  Regardless…. I give you the Lemonade Slushie……

I was looking for an alternative to the Margarita as well as the proverbial summer drink – the gin and tonic.  I love the crisp taste of gin and prefer it over tequila, so opting to create a cocktail featuring gin seemed like a good idea.

I had a little bit of lemonade left in the refrigerator and a bunch of crushed ice.  I gathered the ingredients together and pullout the Vitamix.  Of course you can use a regular Waring blender, but I use the Vitamix for everything. It blends smoothies leaving no pulp, and reduces crushed ice to nothing.

I poured 8 ounces of lemonade into the Vitamix along with a few ounces of gin and a bunch of ice. I blended it well, creating a slushie if you will.  It was simple and refreshing.


This can be made without the gin as a treat for the little ones…. You could also replace the gin with either tequila or rum for another variation.



  1. I’d use tequila and blend it in my nutribullet! The question is, would anyone realize it what was in my sippy cup at work!? 😛 Great idea, Wendy!

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