The Return After a Long Hiatus

March 20, 2023

It’s been a minute since I’ve paid much attention to this corner of my world. COVID hit, I lost a job I loved and well, everything it seems imploded over the last few years. I’ve been stuck, uninspired and frozen. Call it my ADHD paralysis or another bout with depression ( I’ve battled it most of my life) if you will, but it kicked my **s. My creative energy evaporated and I was more interested in reruns of Good Witch (not the best use of my time or talent) than I was in blogging.

I had many reasons to pause the blog. It may have been in part because I was writing for an audience of one, and not a wider audience. When I started writing my first blog back in 2008 I would post and within minutes I’d have comments. I lived for that instant gratification. This venture rarely gains traction and as long as no one was reading it it didn’t feel missed.

It could also have been because of a massive dose of imposter syndrome and a deep seeded feeling of not being good enough. It’s easy to discount my talents and the value of my voice. After all there are hundreds and thousands of blogs out there sharing similar décor information and style points.

After laying dormant for the last three years I began to miss blogging. I decided to relaunch with a concerted effort to post more regularly. I’m committing to at least one post a week, maybe more if my schedule will allow, as I’m headed back to work shortly. I’ll be bringing back more recipes, more crafts, and more décor posts. I’ll also explore self care, personal style and my love of antiques. I’m embracing my content and creativity. I’m hoping you will too.

Look for me on the Insta, and Facebook, too.

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