Traditional Silver Baby Gifts

July 8, 2013

Silver has long been a traditional baby gift. It’s a custom dating back generations. Today it is considered more of a keepsake gift, rather than a practical gift to be used by the child or parents, but even keepsakes can have practical uses as a child ages.

One of the gifts given to me some 4o odd years ago is still very much in use in my home.  It’s a silver bowl given to me by a wealthy great uncle I have no recollection of meeting him. In fact, I had no idea until a few years ago the beautiful bowl was a gift to me when I was born. It had been stored in a plastic bag and kept in a cedar chest at my parents house.  Cleaning out things for another big move, my mother decided I should be the keeper of my silver bowl.  Today it sits on my dresser and holds jewelry I wear often.


If you find yourself in need of a few fabulous ideas for traditional silver baby gifts, might I suggest a few of my favorite silver pieces?


This beautiful antique cup can become a bud vase in a little girl’s room.


The rattle can be displayed on a book shelf or fastened to a shadow box and hung on a wall.



Every child should have kid sized silverware to eat with and learn proper dinner table manners.



Start little ones off on the right track and teach them to save. This silver piggy bank is just the right thing for saving money from the tooth fairy.

The Royal family is honoring the silver tradition by giving each baby born the same day as the newest Royal a silver piece with the Royal Coat of Arms engraved on it.  Imagine being one of the lucky babies to share a birthday with the Prince  or Princess…..

What are your favorite keepsake baby gifts to give or receive?

  1. I like anything that is personalized as a gift for a baby keepsake. I like the story of your bowl. Great that it gets used.

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