Trimming the Tree with Memories

December 2, 2013

Nothing signifies the holiday season more than the Christmas tree.  Whether you put up a live tree or opt for the pre-lit artificial tree, decorating the tree can be fabulous stroll down memory lane or a bit of a chore.


In our home, it is a mixture of both.  Stringing the lights is a task that falls on me, perhaps because I have the patience, or perhaps because I am very particular. Either way, it is a chore especially when stringing 300 white lights on a seven-foot tree.  This year in the interest of sanity, I opted not to break out the large tree and decorated the slender six-foot tree instead.


I started with the lights, weaving them through the branches and down the tree.  Next, I hung large red, white and silver glass balls inside the tree. This gives the tree a little depth and added charm.  I moved outward with smaller glass balls, and then finished with a variety of collected ornaments.


The collected ornaments offer the stroll down memory lane.  From the ones my Grandmother purchased for me from a shop in Boothbay Harbor one year, or the vintage ornaments inherited from her to the ornaments gift to me by dear friends.  Each one is a tender memento enveloping me in wonderful memories each Christmas.


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