Salvaging old wax to make a new candle

Scented candles this time of year lend a little bit to the season, pumpkin spice in October and November, a bit of evergreen and cinnamon spice heading into December.  A home that has the scent the season wafting through is just a welcoming place to be.  I purchase jar candles at Marshall’s , TJMaxx and Target throughout the Autumn months. They have the best prices and selection rather than spending an arm & leg at the mall candle shop.  Each year though I end up with jars filled with left over wax and a spent wick.  Tossing out a jar with an inch or more of wax seems wasteful. I hate to surrender the wax to the landfill and of course, the jars are worth saving for other uses. So, what’s the trick to using the left over wax? Make a new candle.


salvaging wax for a new candle

It’s an easy process and a quick DIY.  Simply melt down the wax over a low heat on a flat electric stove top.  Once the wax melts, carefully pour it into a smaller vessel with a fresh wick.  Just like that, you make a new candle.


On occasion, there may not be enough wax left over to fill another smaller jar.  If there are several with little to none left, you can melt down each of them and then layer the different scents. Melt down one and then pour it into a jar with a wick. Let it harden and then then pour in the second layer. Repeat the process until you’ve filled the smaller jar.


I love this project, as it lets me reuse the scented wax to create a new candle without a lot of mess or fuss.  Candle making in its own right can be messy with the need for pot to melt the wax, a selection of scents to perfume the wax. This way is a bit cleaner, and a bit quicker. It also allows for some creativity with the style of jar used. In some cases, I will reuse the smaller jar of a spent jar candle. Other times I may find a unique shaped jar, or grab a votive candle holder to turn into a cool new candle.

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