What Makes a House a Home

May 3, 2016
what makes a house a home

What makes a house a home? I have pondering that question lately.  Is it the smell of apple pie,  the cozy fireplace, the welcoming entry, or a comfy couch?  Maybe it’s the collection of art, or the books and photos we surround ourselves with. There are many ways to define it.

If you think about it a house is just the frame work. It’s wood, concrete, nails, glass, drywall and a floor-plan. It doesn’t quite become a home until the inside is lovingly decorated by its inhabitants.


Everyone has their own style and own thoughts of what creature comforts need to be in their homes. Some want that professionally decorated home, while others enjoy the task of doing it themselves.  Does it really matter which approach is taken? Of course decorators will argue,  perhaps rightfully so, that people lacking any sense of style really ought not to try to do it themselves.  But style is such a personal thing, if one loves their space does it really lack style?

decorated mantel

I do agree that trained designers and decorators will do a much better job of capturing ones style while assembling rooms with the right principles in mind, than an untrained homeowner would. At the same time I don’t think a home must be defined by the talents of a designer, but I would recommend it.


Home simply is where the heart is.  It is filled with things we love, things that make us smile or inspire us. It is a reflection of how we live, of our personalities and interests.  Home is a whatever we want it be…..for me, home is where my husband is.

What makes a house a home for you?

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